Jenga Guinness World Record (👀Watchable Edit)

First time breaking a Guinness World Record.
First time stacking as a public performance.
First time filming with this sony handycam.
First time editing using Hitfilm Express.
First time uploading from this Lenovo Flex

I stacked 353 Jenga blocks, 145 blocks more than the original record of 208 Jenga blocks. I was disappointed I didn’t double the record like I planned. Oh, well… next time……
I borke the record again.

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TaiStar set hundreds of world records at . The first being Most Coins Balanced on a Dime. Check out the plethora of world records and when you see one that looks fun or easy to you, please, Challenge it. Record are made to be broken…

Everybody can be a world record holder.
What world record ideas do you have?


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16 thoughts on “Jenga Guinness World Record (👀Watchable Edit)

  1. I broke the record again in 2020:

  2. Hey, this is awesome! I'm a producer on the talk show Daily Blast Live. We like to share videos like this one with our audience, so I wanted to see if you wouldn't mind if we used this video with credit? It would be for both our broadcast and digital platforms. Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi, this is JD from Fox 10 in Phoenix. Can we do a story with you about your record? I can be reached at Thank you!

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