JURASSIC SURVIVAL! NEW DINOSAUR GAME | Claw Hunter (Claw Hunter Gameplay)


Claw Hunter is a dinosaur filled adventure game. Velociraptors straight from Jurassic Park, huge Tyrannosaurus Rex’s, mammoth Sauropods and amazing pre-alpha physics.

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Claw Hunter is an upcoming Action-RPG game in the vein of Tomb Raider and Uncharted in which you’ll play as several people in a generation spanning story on a Polynesian island that time forgot…basically it’s full of dinosaurs. Raptors, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and more.

Check out the Claw Hunter site ► www.clawhunter.com

The Claw Hunter Kickstarter has more information too ►

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  1. "This is a pre alpha, this is what I expected." Stop expecting it. So far all of the pre alphas for PROMISING games like Saurian, Mesozoica and The Isle do a good job of showing the good of the games and being out of this world good, so stop going onto them expecting a bad game because good games or games that will become good have good pre alphas!

  2. All of the dinosaur models look like they were either modeled off of the ones made for that cancelled Jurassic World video game or are recycled from said game. The apatosaurus looks exactly like the JW, but made into an off colored green. Same with the Stego, and the Raptors (which exactly the ones from JP3).

    Just very strange.

    Jurassic World meets Stomping Lands.

  3. Another "kill dinosaurs" JP look-a-like, meh.

    Why can we never have a game with graphics like this with realistic dinos that is not about killing them?
    Can you imagine a game like this but with Pokemon-like "Gotta catch them all" type of gameplay?
    Like, you run around in an open world, full of scientifically realistic dinos and then you have to track them down, to document them. You of course have to be careful, because many dinos are dangerous, so you have to sneak and crouch and occasionally fight in self-defense, but your purpose is not hunting and killing the dinos, it's to document them for science.

    It would be fucking amazing 😀

  4. Why are all dinosaur and survival games just glitchy, glossy asset grabbing pieces of shit with crap physics and shit AI? They all lack objectives with glaring graphic issues that get boring within five minutes

  5. as someone who is trying to sell his 3d models online and is interested in dinosaurs i have seen every dinosaur here for sale, its fine if you buy some assets but you shouldnt buy the main focus, so complimenting the game on how the dinosaurs look is not a compliment to the game

  6. This game is such a lazy, Jurassic Park ripoff. Sure, you don't have to have accurate dinosaurs for a game, but does that justify copying the exact designs from a popular movie franchise? Be creative, c'mon.

  7. I saw the games some months ago and Immediately suported the kickstarter, hopes more ppl would've done that.
    Look at this!!!! Look amazing!

  8. hmm. I swear the player model and movements are identical to the stomping lands. It would be easy for some one with the base code of TSL to grab new models and "kick start" a game just for money. I hope that isn't the case here, but it's the vib I'm getting. Especially since the player model doesn't have the same textures as everything else and all the dino models are straight from jurassic park, even the triceratops.

  9. Guys, I love up-to-date visual interpretations of dinosaurs as much as anyone, but any game featuring tribal humans alongside dinosaurs without a science fiction explanation is going to be inaccurate. Games like Saurian or Prehistoric Kingdom which rely on current consensus are based either on direct evidence, or scientific extrapolation. Games like this aren't.

    It's better to think of these as fantasy settings, like Harryhausen films: alternate worlds or universes where everything's different. It's like Fallout: all the tech and science is deliberately retro-futurist and relies on outdated technology, yet it's still an engrossing setting because it owns it's '50s style. Hopefully this game will do the same.

  10. Jurassic: The Hunted was a story-based dinosaur game. You played on the channel years ago. Remember Spike, the Spinosaurus boss?

  11. The dinosaurs are so inaccurate…. Not even complaining bout lack of feathers, the brontos are swamp feeding tail draggers.

  12. This is just a lazy money-grab… Most those models are just bought from asset stores…. I get that you are a dino youtuber, but don't promote games like these. It's toxic to the community, although I'm not familiar with the devs this is clearly just an attempt to get easy money withouth any plans to make a complete game…


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