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Original Air Date: October 15th, 2009

I got a request for a video for this game a little while ago, and it’s ironically one of but a handful of WS/WSC/SC games that I still own, so I figured I’d get around to it. The footage for this was recorded with an emulator. For all intents and purposes, it is identical to the original, except the sound in this game is actually BETTER than on my SwanCrystal… no static, so the music sounds better. The title of this game (which is a mouthful btw) roughly translates into “Martial Arts Cooking Legend Bistro-Recipe”, and it’s an obscure but popular anime and manga series that was released in the U.S. for a short time under the title of “Fighting Foodons”.

I honestly don’t know much about either since I completely missed the anime and manga (I’ve only seen small bits of the anime and only knew one person who read the manga), but the game basically involves Zen (called Chase in the U.S.) talking with his sister Karin (Kayla in the U.S.) and Father Tsukiji (Chef Jack in the U.S.) and getting ready to compete in a contest that will allow him to board what is presumably the S.S. Food Fight (as it’s known in the U.S.) to get a chance to become a master chef. As I’ve said before, I don’t know that much about the game or how faithful it is to the anime or manga, though Don Cook (Georgeous Gorge) and others are apparently in the game.

As for the game itself, it is relatively easy to navigate through as only a basic understanding of Japanese is necessary… even the character’s names have been simplified to Katakana instead of Kanji. The standard menu has basic functions like Mochimono and Takaramono (One’s Property and Treasured Items) to Shokuzai and Zukon (Foodstuffs and A Foodon Encyclopedia/ Monster bestairy). Battle functions range from the four primary actions (Ouen/Support, Kousan/Give Up, Waza/Technique, and “Topping/トッピング (which lists your items and foodstuff). It’s pretty simple.

You can also adjust the abilities of your fighters and most importantly, you can “cook”, which your success depends on how good you are at Dance Dance Revolution and games of that nature. You have to hit arrows and special symbols to improve your monster, but too many mistakes can result in a failure. When preparing new Foodons, the system becomes vertical and your controls will change accordingly to accomodate this feature.

Two Bistro Recipe games were also made for Game Boy Color. I can’t discern if they’re better at this point in time, but they’re in color, something this game should have been too. The “Wonder Battle Hen” portion is also “Wonder Battle Compilation”.


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  1. Even through I've never played this game before…the sounds…the graphics. Oh, that nostalgia feeling. There's something about older games that have a feeling of mysteriousness, adventure, and excitement to them. I still have my old gameboy and games. Good stuff. (^~ ^ )

  2. Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Flint the Time Detective, and Fighting Foodons! They need to make more anime like this again. No Yu-Gi-Oh or CGI Dinosaur King! Living, breathing, creatures that can be raised, collected, and/or evolved.

  3. @Vysethedetermined2 Actually, there isn't a game of Bistro Recipe on the original Game Boy, but let me tell you, if this show was on Kids WB during the Early 2000s, the Game Boy Color versions would be in English, don't you think?

  4. @DJBrokenHigh Nah, this game isn't particularly hard to find. If you're looking to purchase it, there's a few on eBay right now which came up just by putting "Bistro Recipe". I bought this game years ago for under ten bucks complete and it still doesn't go for much these days. If you want the link to the listing, just let me know.

  5. @ApacheMan2K That's right. I'm not sure if there was one for regular Game Boy, but there were two games for Game Boy Color.


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