KLONDIKE ADVENTURES | Aery Map Full Walkthrough | by amazing gameplay


watch energy walkthrough
Everything about Energy | Klondike adventures

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Aery Map Full Walkthrough
All Quests And Storyline Step By Step.

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amazing gameplay

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  1. I discovered I don't have so much time to keep collecting energy and waiting for energy refills..I think this is a worthless game and total waste of time. I would encourage others playing this game to do something more constructive stuff that will enhance your life and play games in which you don't have to think too much about on a daily basis. I uninstalled the game after looking at this gameplay. Thanks to the admin of this channel. Cheers!!

  2. I can't seem to get to the iron ore deposits near the Wooden bear and the tent. Cleared so many trees using up all my energy already. There are no bushes near it anymore. What should I do next? I have 3 hours left to clear Iron Ore Deposit Marathon.

  3. I am very new at this game, kept getting advertisements while playing Gardenscapes so decided to try it out. My question is, how do you set up the main screen? I have googled and cannot find any videos on it. I've seen where there's like a barnyard? Is there a video on this?

  4. Why cant i go into the canyon? It looks open and he said its the only entrance . She looked like she was going in by herself but then she didnt go.

  5. Ok I'm back again. So I'm around where 10:51 in the video is it's taken forever because there's still no balloon guy with dynamite. However I'm right here and now there's dynamite on a platform thingy that cost 9 diamonds(whatever the money is) have you seen this?

  6. i wish you had zoomed out occasionally. i can't find an anchor to orient myself and compare where i am to where you are showing me to go. that wall is making me crazy. i'm tap tap tapping bushes every hour, and not getting anywhere.

  7. Bro thanks for the video. I am playing this level now and I don't have enough energy to proceed. I spent all my resources on the furnace and couldn't proceed further. Please help me 😭

  8. Around the 10:00 mark your video glitches and you are somehow further down the trail between the walls. I am stuck right after getting the other piece here. I keep removing foliage but it is not showing more area

  9. This is awesome! How do you get the patience of waiting for your energy to come back? I have zero gems and i don't know where to get them except for quests but they usually only give me 1 gem or 3. I do have the cauldron, the campfire, the sweet shop to get energy, but still. . It's very frustrating.


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