Klondike Adventures visit WIND'S SONG use SWEET SHOP create FEEDER Beginning Gamplay 8 Level up


Klondike Adventures : Beginning 39Min Gamplay – Level up 1 to 8…
visit WIND’S SONG – Find The Lake – Find White Light’s Hut – Open All White Light’s Cellars – Fix Merchant Ship – Restore Light House..
Build Barn – Buy Chicken and Cow – use SWEET SHOP – BREAK FROZEN GATE – Create Feeder from Barn – Build Quarry – Buy a Furnace and create Energy – Buy Sweet Shop – Explore Sweet Shop – Build Tent – Build Smithy..
Many More..

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  1. This is super inaccurate. Resources run out much sooner and lives are used up extremely fast. This is a fantasy for most players

  2. My frustration right now is that there is a heavy demand for milk in every order. However, this is using up my cows at an alarming rate, and any profit I make is nullified by the expense of buying more cows.

  3. Can you post more videos? I didn’t completely clear Wind Song before I got locked out. Do you suggest I start over?

  4. How did you keep your energy going the whole time? I found foods and fed the furnace but it took me weeks to get to level 8. I was ready to quit the game before the furnace. Still might, as I seem to run out of energy to find items to put into it.


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