Led TV Repair ep2 Has sound but no picture


This is my 2nd attempt at fixing my LG 47ln5400 TV. The first repair lasted about a week and might have lasted longer if I would have turned the back light setting down. The end result is removing the bad leds and just soldering the + and – connections together to complete the circuit on the led strip since the leds are in a series. Then I just turned down the back light brightness to a lower setting to help prevent more leds from burning out. If a problems occurs Ill update as needed.

TV still working and on the wall as of 8/4/2017 🙂

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  1. i change led as per you say and tv is working very well for 1 or 2 day but after this ..its burnt again and again and replace it 3 times and again burnt so ..i am tired now ..what to do ??

  2. If so many of the lights were working, why was the screen completely dark? Are they in a series like old Christmas lights or something?

  3. Hi Sir i am in india
    your video is very useful please keep it up.
    And one request,
    please upload the how to replace LED TV Universal mother board
    We're waiting for your your new videos
    Thanks a lot

  4. I'm trying this during lockdown. Found a 55 inch last week before all hell broke loose so this will give me something to do. There are 11 led's per strip in my lg tv . Is there a way I can test a and b strips seperately with a 12 volt power supply? thanks

  5. Hello I have 55 inches G Gard smart tv screen suddenly stopped working completely but befor that while its on it turns off by itself and stays off i had to unplug it from the power then put it back on to get it working.
    What would be the problem ?

  6. Mine too, almost same model (42ln) no image but there's sound. So I tried with another T-Con board. With the new tcon the backlight works fine but no image on the lcd. Dont know what to do

  7. How to destroy all of the Led's in your Led TV
    You can't just make a bridge in series.
    Voltage changes in a series wiring so you have to replace the led with another which need to be the same without any resistors

  8. You should have show how it works after assembled everything, l mean you should have test it and show to viewers.


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