Lee Min Ho Park Min Young Kiss Scene of City Hunter Korean Drama Ep 2


It was revealed yesterday (11.08.22) that Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young have been dating for a month so far, following the end of their popular drama “City Hunter.”
Lee Min Ho’s agency told Dispatch, “They started to have good feelings toward each other through ‘City Hunter.’ It seems like they’re at a stage of getting to know each other right now, but I’m not sure how much those feelings developed so far.”
Park Min Young’s agency also said, “It is true the two have good, mutual feelings for each other. I think she’s (Park Min Young) trying to get to know the human-side of Lee Min Ho, not the actor Lee Min Ho. But you always have to be careful with these relationships, and the agency doesn’t know everything about the celebrity’s private life.”

“Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young tried to avoid making their relationship public. So they tried to be careful whenever they met. But their personalities wouldn’t allow for a secret date at home. When they met at a public space, like a restaurant or bar, they would always bring a mutual friend,” a person close to the two was quoted as saying as well.

The source added their relationship started to really build up because of “City Hunter,” as he said, “Because of their respective roles in the drama were so important, they had a lot of long-hour filming sessions, often overnight. As they worked together for long hours, I think they started to learn more about each other more.”

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  1. it would've been better if they put subtitles so I can understand what Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho are saying 😒😒 .

  2. can u all tell the title of backround music???
    i think this is rihanna song..but i don't now the title>>>

  3. @tinoere He was telling the other girl that he wasnt interested anymore. And right before he kissed Nana he said why are you late? I've been waiting for you. Then kissed her. As a way to get rid of the other girl. Hope I helped. 🙂


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