Lee min ho park shin hye funny interview


Lee Min Ho was asked who his favorite actress is among joon ji hyun and park shin hye…see how he handles this questionLee Min Ho was asked who his favorite actress is among joon ji hyun and park shin hye…see how he handles this question.

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Original Interiew via sina Just for fun. For all minshin shippers..^^ Sorry in advance for any spelling mistakes. **I don’t own all of clips & pics. (All credit to the …

The Heirs Interview Funny Making, Lee min ho, Park shin hye, Kim woo bin, and Other Star korean 1.

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  1. i like all three actresses,Park Shin Hye,Jun Jihyun and Kim Goeun.They are so beautiful and their actings are just amazing but personally,for me,i think I specifically like Jun Jihyun because I think her actings just stands out as you can see,if you watch her dramas and I literally ship her with LMH but she is a bit old for Lmh,he even called her noona so I don't think Lmh would ever have feelings for her and also because Jinhyun has a husband with 2 kids.But they are too cute together😔😭💞

    Anyways,i like park shin hye and Kim goeun too💞and I'm in love with goblin💞

  2. PSH really has the best chemistry with JGS (Jang Geun Seuk) in my opinion. But she literally said she can't choose between who she works best with so she said both LMH and JGS. But yeah I think she works best with JGS.

  3. Park shin hye and lee min ho memiliki senyum yg begitu hangat hingga membuat byk yg baper.adegan romantis mereka bersuapun begitu berkesan maniz tdk vulgar jadi enak diliat.lee and park memang pasangan yg sgt serasi bgt.love utk kalian berdua lee and park shin .💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  4. If the question is " who u will choose between Park shin hye and Kim go eun " so what the answer will Minho choose?

  5. Kim go eun won't be in the race because she is too professional. That's the reason why she is on his IG because going by the way the agencies in South Korea work he wouldn't have posted anything related to her if their was any chance of their being together. Unfortunately our wish will remain a wish only 😭😭😭.

    PSY goes way back when it comes to Minho. And Junjihun is someone whom he respects dearly. So picking between them was never an option to begin with for him.

    Let's see who actually ends up being the QUEEN/ HEIRESS of this KING/ HEIR.

  6. I don’t usually comment but just my thoughts. I watched this video only for one thing, for proof that LMH is so much more ‘comfortable’ with Kim Go Eun than Park Shin Hye/other co-stars.

    Obviously he won’t be able to even stop himself from falling for someone so amazing 😁 but wouldn’t that be so cute?

    Can’t wait for the day KG finally calls him Oppa! But she will probably just call him by his name 😉

  7. So he doesnot want to play with her as a lovers? He wants to be sibling of her?Oh Lmh you broke my heart😢


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