Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past "Shooting Gallery and Digging mini-games" [17 of 35]


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game of all time. Nothing comes close to this game…No. Not even Ocarina of time (lolwut?). I had this game for SNES over 15 years ago but this is the Gameboy Advance version that came with Four Swords multi-player minigame.

I played this on the Game Boy Advance catridge using my “Gameboy Player” hardware attached to my Gamecube! Pretty slick huh?

All Items and All Heart Container Pieces obtained with full story and readable text.

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  1. Yassssssssssqweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

    If I could find my original save file…. Everything… My Link was walking (dashing) destruction and a sword. (The best one) ahhhhhh childhood…

  2. God, that archery game suuuuuucks. I'm glad you put this video up so I know I don't need to bother with that bullshit. Thanks, man.

  3. Even though this post is over a year old, I might as well help you out. If you get the Flippers from King Zora at Zora's Waterfall (which are 500 rupees) you can swim into a waterfall just outside the area, where you can throw it, along with your boomerang into a pond and have them upgraded. There is an island in the middle of Lake Hylia where you can throw rupees into a pond and have your capacities slowly increased. (100 rupees per upgrade)

  4. You do lose your shovel after you get the Ocarina (Flute) in the SNES version, but you can still use the shovel for the digging minigame like normal. It still shows the picture of your currently selected item, but when you use it, it will be the shovel.

  5. I never tried more than like 5 times for the heart on the digging game and always managed to get it. Same with the chest game. Just keep trying.

  6. @jgk381 Nope. The only hearts you MUST get are hearts the Bosses give you…only because they give you no choice. Chillax and just keep playing.

  7. @jgk381 I have no clue. I haven't touched the SNES version in such a long time. You get to keep the shovel in the GBA version. That heart may be a missable…keep searching for info!

  8. I went and got the flute like in your part 16 video, but then when I went to dig afterwards, my shovel was gone. Was I supposed to dig first because he takes his shovel back when you give him the flute?

  9. How did you get your shield to be red? How did you increase your bomb and arrow capacity? Where did you get the golden sack? I'm playing this game right now on the SNES.

  10. @mikeschmeee keep trying. I learned from someone that you have to do a few trys and you will get it. and it WORKED.

  11. I purchased this classic game from the wii shop channel or whatever its called, virtual console, so I can relive my childhood lol.
    This is the last heart I need in order to have all 20. I tried so many times and I still can't get it. It's messed up.

  12. @CptKirk377 i found out how to, you can not get it on your 1st turn, you have to do a few turns, dig 30 then you will obtain it.

  13. @jimfges I tried that but it didn't work my first time. but I think it helped. I got it on the third visit after my visit to the pond. But I ended up getting more rupees then I started with. I think that was cause of my luck from the pond. Or maybe not.

  14. @jimfges I tried that but it didn't work my first time. but I think it helped. I got it on the third visit after my visit to the pond. But I ended up getting more rupees then I started with. I think that was cause of my luck from the pond. Or maybe not.

  15. @kaell123 Well I think you have to at least dig 30 times. But that don't mean it's gonna do it each time. If you dig less than 30 you will never get it. But if you dig over 30 you might get it. But I'm not sure.

  16. @natsu717 When you say hearts? Do you mean the small ones that give you one of your health bars back or the big hearts that make your life span grow?

  17. @haeso5 The best thing to do is dig in the direction your going. Start from the left and keep on going round the garden. Press B if the ruppee is too far away and hit it with your sword. Dont know what else to say. lool

  18. i am gonna be honest, i got every single thing but the red mail and the digging game heart piece. i tried about 10 times. i do not know about you anothers but it was was said a year ago that if you digged 30 times in the digging game you get the heart piece, my max i did was:33,32. those are my best but does not seem to work on SNES.

  19. thanks to you I found it. took me a few tries now I will have all 20 heart pieces for my let's play old school games when I fight Gannon. thank you a bunch In fact since you helped me alot not only am I subscribing but I'm adding you as a friend for the big help.


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