LEGO iPHONE X | Showcase and Tutorial | Brick Builder Creations

LEGO MOC Builds and Creations – Lego iPhone X! Do you want to see more Lego Tutorials and Showcases? Subscribe!

Pictures for iPhone:

On this channel is most popular custom Lego Mixels, Pokemons, Cars, Star Wars, Bikes and other custom stuff like – Lego City Builds, Lego Games, Lego Automatic Machines or Lego iPhones.

PIECES: 74 pcs
MUSIC: YouTube Audio Library – Bounce Ball, Payday

● Lego City MOC Builds:

● Lego MOC Easy Builds:

● Lego MOC Normal Builds:

● Lego MOC Hard Builds:

● Lego MOC 10-100pcs Builds:

● Lego MOC 100-500pcs Builds:

● Lego MOC 500-5000pcs Builds:

● Lego MOC Showcases:

● Lego MOC Tutorials:

● Lego Mixels MOC:


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