Let's Play Dinosaur Safari (PC/MAC) 100% Run Pt. 1


Let’s Play Dinosaur Safari (PC/MAC) 100% Run Pt. 1

Apparently this “educational game” came out in 1996 I swear it was earlier, but still I was only 10 yrs old at the time. I’ve never beaten it to this day. I thought I’d show the prehistory of video games before I start doing XBOX 360 and PS3 games. Thanks for watching!

You can find a download of the game here:

Remember install setup to root drive, probably C:
Also run game in windows 95 compatibility mode, run in 256 colors, and by 640 x 480 window.

*Updated 01-22-10*
As far as I know you can’t run this game on a 64-bit machine. Also note, I was able to install and run this on both windows vista and windows 7 32-bit, however for some reason I needed quicktime installed. Not only that running the above steps on setup.exe still had problems with the directory creation, it was looking for

C:DSAFARIdataecglobe.mov where it should have been C:DSAFARIdataecglobe.mov

So all of the animations were not working correctly.
This video here was recorded on Windows XP 32 bit so that is the only operating system I’ve had success with running this title. Sorry, I can’t be of more help.

*Updated 09-20-11*
Decided to do a 100% run of this classic, I split it up into 6 parts. The messed up graphics at the beginning is the only time it does that. Also the slow inserting of the data crystals with the blue lines seems to be tied to VMware emulation and not the game itself. Hope it looks better, and helps people out.

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  1. I was hoping for remastered version for this game, maybe with same or different species and extended/extra species, and no nomina dubias.

  2. That alien was so ugly that I use to run behind the couch when i see it because I was so scared of it!

  3. Hahah thanks for posting this, I had it as a kid and played the shit out of the beginning but for some reason it's crash every time I got like my first crystal and wouldn't go past that if I remember correctly, been bloody ages hah. But either way it's awesome to see more of the game I never got to as a kid, the nostalgia and unintentional creepy that came with its low res/graphics are at an all time high haha

  4. Holy crap, I played this forever as a kid. The sound effects alone are nostalgia overload for me. Not knowing english obviously made it quite a bit harder, but it didn't matter because dinosaurs.

  5. Oh the memories. I played this when i was 4 i think? 20 years ago. Time flies… The green dude also scared me lol

  6. LOVED THIS GAME! I would usually play it just to listen to the scenery. I wish I could play it on my Windows 7, but for some reason, I can't. Fuck. 🙁

  7. At 0:11 read this: National Chronographic Society Established 2319. At the end of this title, it said 2319 as in Easter egg. 2319 is a security code from Monsters Inc (2001).

  8. my parents got this for me when I was like 4 or 5, it was so fucking hard I literally couldn't figure it out at all. dinosaur adventure 3-D was way more fun lol

  9. What was the other game that came with this. It came in a 3-pack with Zoopolis and another game. What the hell was the other game? It was with a talking dog and a guy from the future or something. 

  10. You know, I thought this came out much earlier too! I remember this in middle school, I was in high school in 96.

  11. I used to rock this game out all the time..

    My favorite part is that animorphic lizzard man saying "Please accept these data cyrstals"

  12. @marcosperezomg Welcome to the crappy youtube search system. Where it can't differentiate between a 1996 PC game and a web browser.


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