Let's Play Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon – #1. Goemon and the Giant Peach Ship


Hello everybody, SlimKirby here and welcome to my new project, the legend of the Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon, a platforming adventure game for the N64. Goemon and his friend Ebisumaru have witnessed a giant peach-shaped UFO in the air which has attacked the castle of Oedo. It is up to them to figure out this alien conspiracy and save their town. This will be a 100% LP of the game which means I will be collecting all of the gold/silver fortune dolls, along with of course, beating the game. I have very fond memories of this game growing up and it is always one of my favorites. I hope you guys enjoy the project, despite how obscure it is. =P Anyways, in this first part, we find out that Oedo Castle is blocked and we need to find the chain pipe to get inside.

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  1. dude ive been trying to figure out what this game was for years! i remember playing it as a kid and never knew the name thank you!

  2. When I played this game I thought you were transforming into a ninja XD didn’t know they were different characters. I feel like switching characters like that was unheard of at the time!

    I also played my friends save it was his game at his house so I didn’t know the story behind the game at all I just had fun running around haha

  3. Damn I remember my cousins letting me borrow this game years ago for the 64 and had no idea what I was suppose to do lol. I always forget the name of it until I see the familiar blue haired kid ninja character, Goemon. The music brought back very font memories stuck in my subconscious mind

  4. One of my all time favorites… I could poorly 'recite' every lyric from all tunes in this gem when I was 10. Effing love this game.

  5. I miss this game soooo much. I could not remember the name and finally i found it i used to play this all the time i really miss this game.

    This game brings back so many memories it brings back happier times in my life I want to buy a n64 just to play this game the way i used to play it.

  6. I use to have this title along with Goemon's Great Adventure…..then they opened a local game shop that bought and sold games.
    ….all those expensive and rare games I use to have. 😢

  7. I've been on a nostalgia trip all day and this is REALLY bringing back memories! God, this game was just so charming and the music is SO GOOD. So glad I found your channel so I can re-live this part of my childhood.

  8. Now I remember why I don't really remember this game – it kind of sucked compared to the competition.

  9. Wow, I remember this gem. Back in the day I could never complete the game because I had no memory card, since most games saved on the cartridge. I later played it through an emulator to complete. I almost forgot how awesome the soundtrack of this game was, especially that opening song….. I feel like playing this game now >.<


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