(Longplay #2) (Wii) Rampage: Total Destruction (Part 1 of 2)


My second longplay
I hope you enjoy

PLOT (So Far)

After numerous PR disasters throughout the ’90s, ScumLabs is now aiming to reclaim their glory. To do so, they have created a new brand of soda aptly called Scum Soda. Unsurprisingly, the drink has a severe side effect: anyone who drinks it will turn into an enraged monster.

The news that forty cases of this event soon makes its way to the board of directors. However, in an attempt to cover up the brewing scandal and block ScumLabs’ potential death blow, Dr. Vector, Scumlabs’ head scientist and chief engineer, has created specialized containers in order to hide those who turned into monsters. Furthermore, he has also decided to do damage control on the escaped monsters by attempting to eliminate them with his secretive weapons.

Nonetheless, as ScumLabs’ PR manager attempts to shrug off the scandal, the bleak reality of what they did literally punches through their window. A monster soon punches his way into the Board of Executives, leaving everyone with sobering reality that they are helpless to stop this unimpeded threat.

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  1. For the Hong Kong level, why didn’t they add in the district names or the Hong Kong Police? Did the Midway developers not know Chinese or something?


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