Magic Kitchen: match-3 game – By Social Quantum Ltd -Puzzle – iTunes / Google Play


Played By 12 year old Joseph
“Created by top hit ‘Atlantis Adventure’ developers, this game will totally blow your understanding of ‘three in a row’ kind of games!
Our magic land is in danger now and it needs your help urgently!
Solve intriguing puzzles, open new terrific locations, help the magic land inhabitants and save them from upcoming dark!

We have only you to count on! We are waiting for you in the game, join now!

Magic Kitchen is a free game which will give you plenty of magnificent hours and unforgettable impressions.
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Magic Kitchen features:
* Endless rich and bright special effects!
* Hundreds of thrilling levels to challenge your master skills!
* Uniting those who wish to relax and those who love to ponder as fans of one and the same game!
* Conquering your friends – gain more points, outrace your friends, find out who is the best!
* Social network synchronization options: Facebook
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Our players feedback:

‘You wish to relax at night, kill some time going on transport or at a lecture – this game is perfect for any situation’ – Jack L.

‘Used to play it on Facebook – awesome game, would advise it to anyone!’ – Sammy T.

‘The game is likely to be the best of this type for now. Speaking for myself – can’t stop playing!’ – Stefy V.”


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