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A complete playthrough of Milton Bradleys 1989 NES game, Marble Madness. Check out the full review and media (including soundtrack and screenshots), at

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. I've Heard A Glitch
    On Intermediate Where If You
    Touch The Flag Falling Off The Grass,
    It Counts It As Winning

  2. This game was my fuckin childhood…the further you get, the harder it becomes…plus each stage has it's own theme! You can even make the marble dizzy by hitting obstacles, and you can break them if they fall too far!

  3. I'm not really a big fan of the NES port of "Marble Madness". Some of the animation is jerky (noticeably the marble muncher moves a few frames as it flies and lands), the music isn't a really bad rendition of the arcade (There was even a metal soundtrack called "Where Good Marbles Go to Die" that was based on the NES version), the level design is a bit off from the arcade (at 0:57, the pipe was supposed to be next to where the bumpy track is) and that the magic time wand appears sometimes at the wrong moment to give you extra 10 seconds when you're supposed to be given time almost 5 or 4 seconds before it's "Game Over". Not a bad port, but it's okay in my opinion.

    Overall, neat gameplay.

  4. Man as a kid I got to that last race so many times. But I always psyched myself out at that last part with the moving sections. Never made it to the finish.

  5. I would break my thumbs trying to make turns on this hellish game. I loved the acid pools. But oh, how I hated the weird slide down on level 2 at the end, green wave, the vacuums, those damn hammers, those pipes that pop out of the ground, and the slippery and scratchy floors. The music on the last level gives me such a headache.

  6. I loved this game so much as a kid, and would play all the way through half a dozen times in a row before changing it.

    Granted, it's short, but it's super fun, extremely challenging, and a really well-adapted version of the Atari arcade classic.


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