Merc Storia Super Cute Chibi Marching RPG Gameplay


I couldn’t wait for iOS version and used an emulator to run it on PC! Latest APK is in the article link below for those that want to play on Android or PC.

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  1. Also, how exactly do I make an unique id and pw? Sorry I'm super lost when I'm on that Creating the ID n PW page with the greyed out box at the bottom :O Got that weird code qkpofulsgu 

  2. Thanks a lot for posting up the english guide Step <3 Finally got a new draw from scout on my 2nd try a 5 star yay <3

  3. It runs so smoothly here. My PC probably can't handle bluestacks this well. I always get stuttering and fps drop when units attack.

  4. i know i come to the wrong video , but can you give me your loli Customization in blade&soul steparu? she's soo cute~ (CN) , but if you refuse to give me that.. its ok..


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