Minecraft | 25 ROOMS (Minecraft Puzzle Map)


Minecraft | 25 ROOMS (Minecraft Puzzle Map)
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25 Rooms is a Minecraft Puzzle Map that sticks you in the middle of a series of rooms that you need to navigate in order to progress. Puzzles, Mazes, and redstone challenges await you!

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Minecraft 25 Rooms Map Download
by SuperSlimeySquid

Music by Shag

All music used with permission from its creator.

Nguồn: https://technewsgator.com

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  1. lvl 14 doesnt work anymore 🙁
    because the diamond goes at high speed it lands further than the first block with the pressure plate
    lvl 21 also didn't work for me
    lvl 24 neither

  2. I wish someone would make a good tutorial on how to make riddle puzzles in minecraft. All I can find is one, and it's made by a 8 year old, that talks about nonsense and messes up a hundred times.


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