Minit 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide


Minit 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide
(Minit 100% Walkthrough/Achievement Guide /Playthrough/Gameplay – Xbox One X/Xbox Game Pass)

Welcome to my Minit 100% Walkthrough & Achievement Guide!

This is not just a let’s play! I have practiced the game and will be showing you how to 100% complete the game AND get all of the Achievements or Trophies!!

With full LIVE Commentary by Aussie Gamer 17!

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03:23 Start of MINIMALIST playthrough
03:23 Item 1/16 Sword
03:23 ACHIEVEMENT: Adventurer
03:33 Item 2/16 Coffee
04:11 Item 3/16 Lighthouse Key
04:24 ACHIEVEMENT: Punctual
04:50 Item 4/16 Watering Can
05:03 Item 5/16 Flashlight
06:11 ACHIEVEMENT: Home Owner
06:32 ACHIEVEMENT: Explorer
06:32 Item 6/16 Sword Thrower
07:16 Item 7/16 Gardening Glove
07:40 Item 8/16 Press Pass
08:58 Hotel Guest 1/6
09:07 Hotel Guest 2/6
09:23 Hotel Guest 3/6
09:43 Hotel Guest 4/6
10:03 Hotel Guest 5/6
10:28 Hotel Guest 6/6
10:28 ACHIEVEMENT: Employee of the Month
11:03 Item 9/16 Flippers
13:55 Item 10/16 Mega Sword
13:55 ACHIEVEMENT: Safety Inspector
14:38 Item 11/16 Broken Sword
17:40 ACHIEVEMENT: Pacifist, Sort Of
17:40 ACHIEVEMENT: Minimalist
17:40 ACHIEVEMENT: Minit
18:34 Heart 1/6
18:34 ACHIEVEMENT: First Aider
19:33 Coin 1/19
19:33 ACHIEVEMENT: Treasure Hunter
19:50 Coin 2/19
20:19 Tentacle 1/8
20:19 ACHIEVEMENT: Marine Enthusiast
21:09 Item 12/16 Boatwood
21:22 Tentacle 2/8
22:05 Coin 3/19
22:05 Tentacle 3/8
22:48 Coin 4/19 and 5/19
23:50 Coin 6/19
24:09 Coin 7/19
24:42 Heart 2/6
25:14 ACHIEVEMENT: Tourist
35:32 Tentacle 4/8
26:52 Item 13/16 Basement Key
27:11 Tentacle 5/8
27:51 ACHIEVEMENT: Traveler
28:39 Coin 8/19 and 9/19
29:08 Item 14/16 Fast Shoes
29:31 Heart 3/6
30:31 Coin 10/19
31:09 Coin 11/19
31:43 Coin 12/19
32:09 Coin 13/19
32:29 Tentacle 6/8
33:00 Coin 14/19
33:17 ACHIEVEMENT: World Traveler
33:27 Coin 15/19
34:47 Heart 4/6
34:47 ACHIEVEMENT: Best Friend
35:34 ACHIEVEMENT: Dog Washer
35:54 Heart 5/6
36:24 Item15/16 Grinder
37:23 Coin 16/19
37:49 110% ONLY (not needed for achievements)
39:18 Coin 17/19
40:07 Coin 18/19
40:52 Tentacle 7/8
41:12 Secret Temple Puzzles
41:12 Coin 19/19 ACHIEVEMENT: Treasure Hoarder
43:35 Tentacle 8/8 ACHIEVEMENT: Marine Biologist
43:35 ACHIEVEMENT: Archeologist
43:35 Item 16/16 Turbo Ink ACHIEVEMENT: Collector
44:30 Heart 6/6 ACHIEVEMENT: Full Aider
45:14 ACHIEVEMENT: Listener
46:37 ACHIEVEMENT: Ghost Hunter
47:24 ACHIEVEMENT: Connoisseur
48:22 ACHIEVEMENT: Hi My Name Is Mary
52:05 ACHIEVEMENT: Another Minit


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  1. Great guide!.. Up until the second run. I don't want to be hypocritical, I was happy to carry on watching for the second run achievement because you helped so much, even though that because I knew you put the stream in the video that it was going to be bitty if that makes sense and take longer to watch, I also enjoyed your stream in the video, but with a guide people want to complete games as quick as possible so watching you actually go for the achievement for 40 minutes or so, when in the end you don't need to do all that, can complete it in 5 minutes and just flush it down the toilet is frustrating. Nevertheless, I will like and sub👍

  2. Guys the punctual achievement has to be less than one second. I did it as soon as it changed to one second and it wouldn’t work.

  3. Holy crap. First try I died a few times in earlier missions so figured I'd have to run through the game again for Minimalist. Nope. Exactly 25 runs!!!

  4. It wont let me carry on after ive finished the game, i got the tentacle and waited for the new game + pop up bit it crashes and puts me back before i flush

  5. Great guide bro, helped me out a lot and I’ve highly recommend you on the market reviews for those that wish to grind some quick achievements

  6. I beat it my first time with 26 runs I was like you got to be kidding me! haha but I ran it back and did it with 16 the next time.

  7. you dont need to killl the boss at the end …once you reach the factory just go to toilet and flush sword and that it

  8. Turning on speedrunner mode helps with knowing the amount of tries and time. Kinda blocks some of the screen but worth the knowing factor.

    Also you can attack the flying swords in the final fight, making it way easier.

  9. My game might be glitched I've done the employee of the month achievement but didn't get it along with the one before that I had to restart to get.

  10. Omg! I thought you had to fight the boss on the second run but got stuck on the same part Aussie got stuck on, I didn’t realise you could just flush it down the toilet until I saw Aussie do it, I feel like such a fool! Brilliant walkthrough btw. 😂

  11. There is about a 6 minute shortcut way to finish the second run saving a lot of time. Like this so people can go and see.

  12. Hey Aussie its Elk from twitch I just got the 1000G thank you yet again for being such a reliable go to source for these 100% runs you are a legend mate.

  13. Nice guide! Took me 93 runs in 51 minutes. Now off to the second half of the video. Your style makes this guide really easy to watch, got some maka91 vibes.


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