MINIT 110% Game Walkthrough and Under 25 Run Speedrun!


Bond walks us through Minit starting with a 16 run completion of the game then going on to find all the collectibles and miscellaneous achievements/trophies.

The Collectables consist of 19 Coins, 6 Hearts, 8 Tentacles and 18 Items

After this video, you should only be missing 1 achievement/trophy and that is for beating the second run mode.

Check out our Second Run Walkthrough with Final Boss Defeat!

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  1. Treasure Hunter, First Aider and Punctual all glitched for me the first time I tried to get them BUT they registered in the 110% completion by the end of the game. My suggestion is if they don't pop the first attempt, make a second normal save file, do them on there to pop them (by now they should work) and you'll get the achievements and then go back to finishing your 100% file.

  2. LISTENER achievement can be earned without the shoes. GO straight there and you should arrive with 44 or 45 seconds left and it should pop just as your timer hits 0. If you don't want to risk it, wait for the sneakers and then do it like the video says.

  3. I maded Just 105% because i can't get te last coin, i tried many many times but it doesn't openned, pls someone help me

  4. Oh I wonder, was it a game jam game? Once we had a game jam at my workplace, the theme was: you only have one minute. We made an arena game with cute animals:
    I had a different idea, with the same concept as Minit: one minute lifespan, then teleports back to startpoint, and player knowledge the only thing that remains. Different pixelart graphics (dark-synth-future) and end of the world vibe. One day I'll make it, hopefully. 🙂

  5. 10:17 i cant go from the right side of the treadmill down to the left side. Its like i‘m stuck and i can only go back to the right side in the other room. What I do?

  6. Nice work^^ thanks for that vídeo, you help me with this vídeo for sin microsoft rewards points winnibg gamescore

  7. Great video! It really helped me out during Microsoft's 10,000 points in 10 days quest for Game Pass. Thanks!

  8. So just wanted to say this so people know. I ran into a problem where I collected all coins but ended with only 18. After following the walkthrough I finished at 105% and unlocked Mary Mode. Using Mary Mode, I WAS able to get the all coins and all hearts achievements. Great video by the way, helped me complete this game with ease

  9. For some reason the "Treasure Hoarder" achievement didn't unlock. So I went back and played on Mary's mode to recollect the coins again and it unlocked for me. So I'm guessing you can get all the collectable achievements on Mary's mode if you so wish.

  10. You do not need the shoes for "Listener" – It was the second achievement I had in the game when I just started.

    Hands down this is the best guide for this game, Thank you for all the information needed to 100% complete it!


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