Mobile Suit Gundam Roleplaying Game – Combat & Minis


Let’s make a Mobile Suit Gundam Tabletop RPG using the 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules!

This episode we talk combat and miniatures. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see 3D print files for Gundam miniatures.

The miniature pawn contact sheet:

Spiel game tokens:
Plexiglass game tokens:
Basic game tokens (requires thicker card stock):

Gundam RPG Rulebook and Resources:

All interior artwork and design by me.

Systems Reference Document for D&D 5th Edition rules as provided by WOTC:

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“Dungeons & Dragons” and all of the referenced properties are the property of Wizards of the Coast


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  1. @Midnight Hatter dude I love what you’ve done with this whole project. I was hoping you could tell me where you got the pawns? I really want Char’s Zaku II or Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II and High Mobility Type. I hope I’m not too late getting into this

  2. Wow, I looked over the rules and it's some solid stuff I can build upon. I'm thinking of combining your ruleset with Vall Syrene's Greasemonkey's Handbook and Apex/Ultramodern 5E by Dias Ex Machina to create a Super Robot Wars style game. Great work friend! Looking forward to more. As a bonus, cuz I want to assist in the creation of this awesome RPG conversion in any way possible, I recommend plundering Battletech's free quick-start rules for more pawns and maps and the old Gundam D20 (3rd Edition) site for ideas.

  3. Are you going to put in any specific mobile suit traits or special abilities, example being the Z'goks Aquatic traits, Having the Doms have "Jet stream attack" something similar to Pack tactics, or even the Exam System?

  4. What's up man I really enjoy what you're up to. I'm a big fan of the UC as well. Because of that I would like to draw a fan art for you. can you describe to me the character you would like me to draw and what one year war Mobile suit will they be using. A side conversation have you played SD generation Genesis, it's a fantastic game for UC lovers. the game gives you the ability to play defense battles in chronological order of the one year war. I gained a lot of insight and overall was super cool.l Have a good day man. If you look up error_fool_error you can find some of my artwork.

  5. My question
    1. If the pilot has a weapon against the MS (like a rocket launcher) does it count?
    2. Is it ok im using gashapon gundams as the minis?

  6. I really like thee Idea of non mobile suit combat. Coming from a 4e background this sort of simple fast and deadly playstyle seems really interesting. As far as miniatures are concerned I think the sniper Gm would be neat. As well as some more options for gundams. Like the full armor, Victory gundam or thee f91. Mabey even some of the non uc gundams like Freedom or Barbatos. Overall I'm pretty satisfied by the miniatures you chose, I'm also really surprised to see the Alex gundam in there. Which will probably be the first gundam I try to play. One error I noticed is you titled the banshee token "banshee norn." But I'm glad you chose the og banshee scenes I prefer that design.

  7. Loving outside of mobile suit mechanics, having it possibly be so deadly is a great way to keep almost a realism to the combat. Super excited for when the feat video comes out. Also super stoked on those pawns ^_^.


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