Mobile Suit Skirmish Game – Introduction to a fun use of Gunpla


This is a basic introduction to the Mobile Suit Skirmish game. Mobile suit skirmish is a tabletop war game using 1/144 scale Gundam models. Games can be anything from one on one battles where each player has control of one mobile suit, all the way up to massive battles with each player controlling an army. For larger games each player will build a squad of units that can consist of things like mobile suits, aircraft, ground vehicles, and infantry.

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  1. This definitely looks fun. I can see some D&D gameplay mechanics with a DM/GM managing actions and narrating the battle adding to this. I'd absolutely build some more 1/144's specifically for this – would make a great reason to make teams of MS like the 8th Team used in the video or the Tri Stars.

  2. Shame on me for failing to comment on this excellent video sooner, Justin! Thank you for helping spread the good word about MSSk. Makes me all kinds of happy to see people playing and enjoying the game. 🙂

  3. Always wanted to do something like this! Wanted to use (try to) use warhammer as a base reference but so much work in regards balancing everything out from, attacks, special abilities, use pilot references for either advantages/disadvantages etc. And with a full time job I can only do so much. Amazing work !

  4. me and my buddy are starting up the mobile suit skirmish second edition and hoping to bring in some new people

  5. Hey, here's something to try. How about a battle with the psycho gundam vs. four MS teams. Three MS per team. No gundams.

  6. My brother and I just discovered that this exists. We were going to start playing warhammer 40k, but the figures tend to be pretty expensive. So on a whim I searched for a similar game using Gunpla (which we already have plenty of), and it looks like I found something awesome!

  7. so its pretty much likr OG Mage Knights!!!????
    wow didnt knoe you could do this!! perhaps 20 yrs from now we can make ms move like on GBF! hahah or maybe before that just a virtual reality game after 3d scanning your gunpla! They kinda do that now. kinda like what they do on the Gunpla anime OVA with beginning gundam

  8. I was talking about gundam in my local gaming store and the topic of gunpla came up and I said this i would probably start building them if there was a game I could play with them and then a warhammer player just walked over and told me and my friend to look up skrmish and we now have 5 people currently building army for a campaign

  9. Just tell me about the game and not put footage of fat nerds playing in the background between all your sentences

  10. Now if only my local area had an actual Gunpla group. So far, I only know two local builders and one is my brother.


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