MXGP 2019 – First Look Gameplay Review – New Features – How Good Is It?


MXGP 2019 The Official Videogame is finally here! It actually comes with some nice changes from past titles but some familiar ones as well. In this MXGP 2019 first look gameplay video, we take a look at a couple different tracks, the terrain deformation, the playground and its 3 different tracks, as well as the settings, setup, and different weather conditions. A pretty long first part, but I felt like it was a decent way to show you the game if you are still on the fence about buying it. Still will need to look at the multiplayer once people have time to pick it up and play. Thank you for any support you show this first part! If you enjoyed the video, make sure to leave a LIKE and let me know in the COMMENTS what you think about the game so far!

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The official Motocross Championship video game is back with lots of new features in the series!
All the riders, bikes and teams of the 2019 MXGP and MX2 championships are ready to challenge you in the season’s official races, taking place all around the world. From Neuquen to Shanghai, experience the thrills of the races that have just ended, or discover them for the first time. And, if you don’t like the current standings, change them!
Just like in real life, you will face changing weather conditions with the dynamic weather feature. After all, there’s always sunshine after the rain, right?
Join the MX2 and MXGP championships financed by a sponsor or get hired by an official team.
Unleash your imagination with the Track Editor to create the track of your dreams and share it with the community. Who will build the best track? Choose from a variety of landscapes and some of the most difficult terrains in the world.
Improve your riding skills in this training area set in the French region of Provence, roam freely or race on two MX tracks, one SX track and one Enduro track, experimenting with different weather conditions and day/night settings. Get unique customisation sets by completing a number of tests to prove your speed, agility and in-air control skills.
The Track Editor is only one of many possibilities for the player to create custom game content and challenge the Motocross community around the world! Take competition to the next level with the Waypoint mode! Create your own path by placing your checkpoints, then cross them to try to set the fastest time and share it online to earn useful points to progress in the game!
Get ready to challenge your opponents by choosing from MXGP and MX2 two-strokes and four-strokes and customise your experience with endless options for both your rider and your bike. Choose from over 10,000 items to make you and your ride stand out.


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  1. In this you can just go through bumps with full throttle.. In Mxgp 3 you actually had to pace the jumps and gas.

  2. say what you will about the physics, personally i think they feel authentic and i love the scrubs. but the body animations are fucking OUTSTANDING. scooting up on the gas tank in corners, arm positioning on the bars in turns and whips, rider head movement and looking direction in corners and whips. fucks sake they even animated inward boot angling when cornering! the game isn't perfect but it feels by far the most authentic to being on the actual track.

  3. That game looks complete dung. Ok the graphics part aside I would much rather play MTX PS2 2004 than this. It has what is called appeal and has you coming back trying to better your Freestyle score or racing,.this would bore me flat in an hour.

  4. With the Track Editor, is it possible to make tracks that can have hoardings, grandstands added to and used in Championship mode? Also when making a track can you assign it a country, for example could I make a track from Denmark and have it in my championship as the Danish MXGP?

  5. Actual game audio would b so much better instead of commentary over the whole thing. For me the sound of the bikes is pretty important

  6. This game sucks and its not fun at all to play . I sure hope they make the new one alot better than this crap.

  7. One thing I never see anyone talk about is how in all the MX and SX games, the Wheel Speed compared to how fast your going doesnt change past like 25-30mph. Your wheels turn as fast at 30mph as they do at 70+mhp. It like the wheel spin just hits a cap and it looks way out of place when your going flat out but the wheels are turning super slow. Watch a replay and see. Its really something that bugs me since I like watching back replays.

  8. When your comparing the rut situation. Its two completely different soil types. Britain has more compact soil which hardens the ruts up.

  9. he hit the rev limiter in every single corner and straight away and blames it on the ruts… idk why i bought this game because i never touched it


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