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I’m a huge fan of MMORPG games and this year I’ve covered a lot of MMOs in my first impression series “is it worth playing?” in this video I talk about various features that I’ve enjoyed from many different MMORPGs and figure out what features I’d steal from these games in order to make my Perfect MMORPG, bare in mind this is a purely theoretical video that I made for fun and is highly subjective, let me know in the comments below what you’d include in your perfect MMORPG

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In this video I talk about what my perfect MMORPG would contain after trying many MMOs, this video requires you to use your imagination as I talk about many features from other MMORPGs that I’d include in my Perfect MMORPG, I take ideas from games such as World of warcraft, Archeage, DCUO, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn, Vindictus and a few other MMO ideas I’ve had myself.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for a future WoW discussion, top 10, let’s play or first impressions then please comment or tweet me via the links above.

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My Perfect MMORPG


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  1. My perfect mmo woud be the first Archlord mmorpg. updated graphics and a bit more updated combat system to be more like vindictus's combat system. Non dungeon based. open world. and very pvp based for end game content.

  2. My perfect MMO would be

    – Aincrad/Yggdrasil from SAO
    – Dark Souls combat
    – The smooth transition between single-player and multiplayer of Monster Hunter World
    – Race and class diversity from Overlord, and also the NPC Pawn system
    – Micro transaction is totally fine. It would include cosmetics, common crafting materials, extra character slots, and also event items for those who couldn’t play. Like a Christmas outfit that everybody got for free, but it would cost $5 for purchase after the event

    It shall be called “I never played a MMO in my life, so I’m just bullshitting”

  3. i agree with you in a lot of points but i'd like to have impact on a game, where you need like 1000 people who actually have to save the world from an attacking AI and that the game can be won

    1. Perfect MMO economy? – Detailed examples how to avoid hyperinflation in an MMO. Sugestions to gold sinks without being to harsh on players.
    2. Best background system in MMO?. I believe people like difficulty and rewarding, yet the quick satisfaction is wining and brings a lot of players to play the game, yet these players are the ones that leave after 7 days….i believe most MMOs talk about professions and all but in the end they are totally useless, as you can get the best gear in a dungeon. I saw a video of the perfect mmo from you but it was a little shiny and superficial… i believe the best system will be a simple one but integrative and the economy must be the center or it will not last.

    Let me explain my idea:
    a. There was a game called silkroad, the combat was horrible but the endgame system Thiefs vs traders vs hunters was insane and it moved so many people. The rewards of doing a trade from one place to other was amazing. A thief party catch of a trader cart escorted by hunters was so rewarding moneywise and imersive, you just wanted more of that rush. You would have a ladder of prestige and could buy a special horse or skins or other benefits as higher your reputation as a trader/thief/hunter grew. It was insane. The great problem was the hyperinflation and the goldfarmers. The money was so easy to come by and there was so much sell of gold for real money it just didn't make sense to do this as the rewards (even tho they were great) the gold just had no value.
    b. most mmos have professions but they dont empower this professions. I believe instances should give good equipment and epic material to do the greatest equipment by the professions. This will push lot of people to do the instances anyway, they could have very good equipment but the best one should be done by a very skilled profession player. This fast reward wining best gear on instance/raids will lead to the same thing in every game. instance at 17h, daily quest at 18h, instance x at 19h….mmos should have diversity, and the best equipment should be made by players (with the maker name on the gear – like a brand), even the pvp gear should be done by professionals, lets say you will win special materials for pvp gear in pvp activities. It seems simple but this would move much more content and the system in game. what i see now is that professions are useless as end game gear is not done by them. 50% of a mmo contend is garbage as its not useful. You can deny it but it in the end it is true. I even go further…i would say the professions should be useful early to do necessary material to play the game using semi expensive materials from the npc store so you can sink some money there. The game would not be to anyone ofc…as it wouldnt be just farming mobs and i am late game…but well we have 99% of that do that…and look where the mmo games are…
    c. Castle invasions and control should be the major end game content, yet it is not working so much in many games i dont know why. Maybe not reward enough. Not enough people… materials for protection should be VERY important so the professions are able to produce it and be impactfull in the world not just do 1 item necessary for the war and nothing more…Catapults/Rams /Laders/ Sentries. It should all be made by professions. Special portions, special foods.

    THE profound question is HOW can you give so many rewards to lead players to be impactful in >50 players activities and boost the community while maintaining a stable economy. It is hard in my head.
    I do believe i know people. And i can say for sure that people think they like easy farming games but they get bored easily. A well planed with a good background system can be challenging and difficult in the beginning but rewarding, and it will motivate alooot of people. Other people will just follow. Thats just how it is.

    I love your videos, if you could do a video about this with some background data and your experience supporting your ideas i would appreciate it.
    P.S. Just put a like on the comment so i know the 30min i was writing was not in vain in this 4000 comments. xD

    Best Regards

  5. What about ff14? Have you played it? I’m gonna be trying Black Desert whenever I get the money 😂 wait I just noticed while I was typing u have 🤣

  6. Need slow leveling and very specific class with very specific strengths and weakness to encourage peoples to group together and relay on each other

  7. This is probably a longshot…… i'd like to see a Legend of Zelda MMO, but make it non-canon for all the Zelda fan theorists like Zenimax did for Elder Scrolls Online. Story takes during the Hyrulean Civil War with the Hylians & ally races of the Sheikah, Zoras, and Gorons Vs. Ganon & the Gerudo tribe.

    Like i said, a longshot. Really doubt Nintendo would approve being as Link won't be the playable poster boy in this concept, but rather the other races the players decide to choose.


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