Narc PS2 Gameplay HD (PCSX2)


Narc PS2 Gameplay
Release Date: March 22, 2005
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox
PCSX2 Settings:
Renderer: OpenGL (Software)
Interlacing (F5): Auto
Texture Filtering: Bilinear (PS2)
Internal Resolution: –
Anisotropic Filtering: –
Mipmapping: –
CRC Hack Level: –
My PC Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K
GPU: GeForce GTX 1070
Ram: 16GB
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
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  1. 1:50 pretty sure the only reason this song is on here is because of “Snatch”. Still fit the scene though.

  2. Top 10 reasons why the NARC reboot sucks:

    10. Taking away everything known about NARC and replacing it with a darker, seedier attitude and uninspired backstories with generic characters.

    9. The original main NARCs were a duo of Double Dragon/S.W.A.T.-like, cyber-agents named Max Force and Hit Man. But they were replaced by two generic, dislikable, lower-status crooked agents named Jack Forzenski and Marcus Hill who seem like they both came straight out of a bombed cop-movie from Hollywood.

    8. They traded in the neon-colored, cyber-punk tone for a dark, urban-hood vibe with hip-hop songs like Cypress Hill's "Hits From the Bong" or The Stranglers' "Golden Brown", which doesn't fit NARC at all.

    7. The new NARCs use drugs as power-ups because Rockstar Games has done it… Stupid… They also sell drugs to random pedestrians.

    6. The game is full of flat, dull-looking environments, simple and repetitive character designs, and lots of darkness. There is no day-time in this game.

    5. If you strip away the patently silly drug effects and the forced attitude, the NARC reboot is an unimpressive mission-based third-person action game. It's also short, rife with bugs, and basically not a lot of fun to play.

    4. The arresting mechanic is this game are ridiculous. The rest of the gameplay mechanics are out-of-date.

    3. The shock value is game's main asset because they aren't that good with action alone. They even went as far as ripping off Grand Theft Auto's PS2-era games by depicting the new NARCs as dirty cops in an open-world environment. Unoriginal indeed.

    2. They planned this game to have a hard M-rating for no apparent reason, what makes them think being too edgy is a good idea?

    1. Above all: Isn't NARC supposed to be a bizarre and berserk sci-fi, dystopian shoot 'em up?! They totally butchered NARC all the way.

  3. Lol i remember neverrr bringing bacc evidence lolllllll on that speed shooting lool ah shit great memories def shouldnt of been playing in 7th grade

  4. lol if stonecold steve Austin was petty he could of n still could sue the shit outta the makers for that stunner they pulled at 23:15

  5. The reason I remember this game so well is cause I played it as a kid and one day while I was sitting on our coffee table in California I was playing and an earthquake occurred and I was so focused on this games that I didn’t realize it until my sister came downstairs screaming cause everything was shaking. Anyways thanks for reading my story lol


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