Neverending Nightmares | MIND-BLOWING HORROR!!


An incredibly original and thoroughly terrifying horror game! YOU MUST WATCH!
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Neverending Nightmares:

Hello everybody and welcome to my playthrough of the AMAZING game Neverending Nightmares! This game is still very early in development when I saw it at PAX but has so much potential for creepiness that I can’t even put it into words. CHECK IT OUT!

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  1. I was watching this in the dark and my door opened… no one was there to open it… I know this was 6 years ago but… WHAT THE FLIP

  2. When l saw this with smile dog l was like someone got to do this two like dark corners to see it cuz its seems to be ee scary cuz if l wanr to me going to have to protection like a gun so l am safe lol😝😝

  3. god, you never shut up do you ? And all this overacted "give attention to my video, like me, share me" the only thing I know is I will never watch anything from you, you're far too annoying

  4. John 3:16 KJV
    [16] For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  5. Sweets dreams? Made of screams
    Dog? Smiling
    Jeff? Beautiful
    Toby? Twitchy
    Dulingo? You know what happens next
    Hôtel? Trivago
    Joke? Made at least 200098080797 times

  6. Does anyone else notice the wallpaper of every room, except for the skull on and his bedroom, is crosses, right side up and upside side down?

  7. Jeff the killer: how much is the doggy in the window?
    * points to smile dog *
    Price: free
    Owner: hes crazy! Take it please!!!!
    Jeff:ok thank u

  8. 08:22 It was this video that got me watching Markiplier and his channel and his videos. This video, over the next few seconds showed Mark's real emotions and his voice when he is stressed which is funny but more importantly real. There are videos that I have watched which seemed to show a premeditated emotion. It was this video that got me interested. This as well as the original Dead Space and Dead Space 2 series of videos by Mark. Videos that recorded Mark's real emotions… I really enjoyed those videos…

  9. six years already??? So today is the first time iv'e been able to wach the full video and it's been 6 years since the release XD you're incredible and amazing, Mark

  10. Smile dog, uhhh… Sally play with me… And…. Uhhhhhh Oh, I know! Uncle. Johnny and slender…………. Ticci Toby because of the Axe


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