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A review over Hyperkin’s Game Genie device for the Playstation 3.
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  1. Please please I beg you please somebody help me find a game genie I would even buy a use one In good condition please please help me find a game genie for PS3 give me a website where they sell it please

  2. Really, REALLY want to know how you got this thing to work. Tried it for hours and HOURS and HOURS… Really frustrated. Wasted a whole darned day! 🙁 I keep editing it just like you said and it just keeps telling me, "Save file is from another user and cannot be loaded" Tried loads and loads of settings changes in the system; to no avail. There's no way to edit profile information in the program on the PC. WTH am I doing wrong?

  3. you do realize game faqs has the game save feature and all you have to do is load it onto a usb. its the same thing

  4. Does it have the final fantasy x and x2 remastered I had to get all my stuff back from start when my system stop working and I told my brother put my save on my flash drive and he or deleted everything so does it so I can regret all my items and stats

  5. Back in the day, Game Genie was AWESOME!   It worked wonders on the older cartridge based consoles like NES and SNES. I still love the classic Game Genie.  But I wouldn't trust using one (or anything similar) with modern consoles with built-in hard drives like the PS3. I'd be afraid it would corrupt the hard drive and ruin it forever.

  6. It does give you an online advantage on one game that I know of, because on this game the single player effects the multiplayer. Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z. Your single player "cards" you use to power up your character are the same cards you use in multiplayer. So it does give you an online advantage when you have all of the best cards.

  7. The last good cheating device was the Wii one, no, not Powersaves, the REAL Wii one. It comes with an SD card and it actually has CHEATS, instead of just saves.

  8. It's a save editor. There are plenty of PS3 save editors and saves. It's not a true cheat device. A cheat device like the older Game Genies works by modifying a memory address that the code specifies. This new Game Genie is disappointing.

  9. I only use this to get all the money I need for RPG and action games to buy the things I work very hard! For example, in FFX HD, I got a over 900 million Gil to to bribe all the enemies to get the items I need to customise armor, gathering all of the healing items I possibly need to survive boss battle like the Dark Aeons and nothing more!

  10. This is dumb, I used my normal USB flash drive to get a mod for Call of Duty WAW that works online. This thing is just a way for people to mod/cheat if they don't know what the hell they're doing.


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