OFFICIAL Ninjago Season 13 Board Game Rules! + New Season 13 Info? – NEW Summer 2020


The Rules to the Summer 2020 Ninjago Season 13 Board Game have just been released!
In this video I discuss them, and find where they deviate from the sets.
The Ninjago Season 13 Board Game is based on Dungeons and Dragons, and can be created by combining the following sets:

71717 Journey to the Skull Dungeons
71722 Skull Sourcerer’s Dungeon
71721 Skull Sourcerer’s Dragon
71719 Zane’s Mino Creature

Check out the Rules for yourself at:

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  1. This is the closest I’m gonna get to D&D because my school closed in the middle of a game because of corona

  2. Thank you for your video. I read the rules too and I saw there too many mistakes. I read rules of boardgame really often and this rule book is definitely the worst in this year. I had to look three times on article about dice. I am curious what they will do with this. I hope, that it was just error and they uploaded only rules ver. 0.67 because it needs a lot of errata.

    For example, I don't know why there are not any skills for toughness? And at the end of the rules is a character log without space for toughness. It is pure amateurism.

  3. I want to play as a villian and let the ninja try to battle me (although I would probably lose because the ninja always win).

  4. I was going to use Heroica rules to play through the dungeon, after watching this I do like that they tried to make a full DnD short module, but yes there are a lot of things that need to be ironed out. This download must be the Beta, and they will release the defined rules in July hopefully. Also adding Skill rolls to attributes has a Talisman feel to it as well, maybe that’s another game I’ll try and use.

  5. I cannot take the credit. I found the instructions just on some site from some guy that was replying to someone. 😀 Here is the link, click at own risk, I do not know how safe that site is, but it has a lock at the top so? 😀 :

  6. Oh my goodness, that board game art for those kids though is memeworthy, it reminds me of that one Wikihow article about how to go to Disneyland.

  7. Hey mind, do you think the game will be replayable, because there are only a certain amount of adventures, which makes it seem like you can play only a certain amount of times.

  8. Can you play the board game with just the journey to the skull dungeons , wu's battle dragon and all the spinjitsu bursts??

  9. I think this is really complicated, so younger kids might have trouble playing this, but I think they can figure it out. With this many rules, I think they should have made a free app that manages what abilities and lives etc that the player has. Because doing all the math for each time you attack would be frustrating and time consuming, in the app you could just roll the dice and it shows animations of fighting and the points adding up to the attacks and whatnot. The app could also eliminate the need for instructions, but could also have a section where you could read them if you want.

    Overall, this game is way more than I expected, and I think it has great potential to make Ninjago even greater than it already is

  10. I hope everything gets fixed quickly, this game seems so dope and a really good gateway for young people to get into DnD

  11. I think that the numbers are for when you're moving and when youre battling you role for the skull or heart


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