One Punch Man (Season 1) – Episode 10 [English Sub]


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One Punch Man

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  1. Second frame of 1:03 with 0.25x speed. Your welcome

  2. 8:20 class 'S Rank 17 "present!" Class s Rank 17 "present" Class s Rank 15 "present" Class s Rank 14 "present" Class s Rank 13 "present" Class s Rank 12 "present" Class s Rank 11 "present" Class s Rank 10 "present… Mm tasty burger"Class s Rank 9" present " Class s Rank 8" present " Class s Rank 7" present (heart beats) " Class s Rank 6 ABSENT Class s Rank 5" present…. Sweet candy "Class s Rank 4" present (and showing off) "Class s Rank 3" present "Class s Rank 2" present (and shows attitude) "Class s Rank 1 ABSENT..CLASS B RANK 63 " CAN I HAVE SOME TEA? " AND THIS WAS THE ATTENDANCE FOR HERO ASSOCIATION SCHOOL. 😁😁😂" '' (PEACE) '' "

  3. I’m just rewatching One Punch man at random, I don’t have to follow the sequence cause I’ve already watched and REWATCHED all the eps and special eps on Kissanime and I know what happened when. It’s on Youtube now and I’m not even bored watching a single episode of OPM. Such a beautiful anime this is 😭😍💕

  4. 0:24 Subterraneans? Werent they weak as shit irl when saitama saw them after waking up from his dream? Unless saitama's dream was half true and he beat the shit out of an entire race while sleepwalking

  5. Hero Association: We let Metal Knight work over this building so it is extra ordinarily tough

    Saitama: *made a whole on the ceiling as if it is clay doh*


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