Pandemonium! (Sony Playstation) Playthrough


This is one of my favourite platformers in the glorious 32 Bit era of games. I was like: I already made a video about the second one, so how about the first one as well? This game was made by Toys For Bob and published by Crystal Dynamics, who later rebooted the TR series. This game was also released on the NGage, Saturn and on the PC. Back in the day, I played the PC version, but as far as I know, there are no differences wahtsoever. In this video I played with Nikki, since: she is hot as hell, she can double jump which can be crusual at later stages. I might mention, that I still have a weird boner or something, when she dies. XD Anyway…Iˈm no perfect, and neither would be anybody in this game. I died here and there, and I only used one save state through the whole game, on Level 18, because that jumping segment is just playing unfair.


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  2. ¿Soy el unico que encontro esto buscando el nuevo libro pandemonium escrito por siertos referentes libertarios?

  3. I played this game on my N Gage late at night when I was 7 😂😂 this was so exciting. You play really good 😇!

  4. Flashback to childhood so happy to see this again showed my son who's a mega fortnite gamer and ever he said wow that looks cool much love for you pandemonium

  5. I remember this game. I had it for playstation portable. I was pissed when I left the system at my job and someone stole it. But yes looking at this now brings back memories.

  6. Ive always known about this game, never played it. Just didn't appeal to me for some reason as a kid. Looking at it now, it looks like PS1's answer to Nights into Dreams. I now want to play this as an adult.


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