Pandora Box 9S+ Ultimate Multi-player Retro Game Console / 2020 Games – Any Good?


Pandora Box 9S+ Ultimate Multi-player Retro Game Console / 2020 Games – Any Good?
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*It supports two players enjoy the games at the same time, offering users a real arcade experience.
*Built-in 2020 arcade games allow you to return to the fun of childhood, wake your memory up.
*Supports VGA & HD Output with max. 1280*720 output resolution. When connecting to computer via USB port, the console works as gamepad only.
*Compatible with all HDTV, PC, for PS3, monitor, projector and so on. Just plug and play.
*Players can custom the button order for their own needs, thus getting a better gaming experience.
*Supports game pause function. Press the PAUSE button on the console to suspend the game but not lose the game progress.
*Using the favorite list function, you can add your favorite games to the “favourite game list” which is showing on the home page.
*You can quick search the game you like; and hide the games you want to hide when in no need.

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  1. Can you use a xbox 360 controller with this, and if so, please explain. I've already tried, doesn't seem possible?
    I have the latest version of this console, but I find the joystick… sketchy on a lot of games.

  2. Ok I'm getting it now I've been watching the promotion on Instagram and Facebook for $250 USD they have the WiFi version and the non wifi version for those who don't have internet

  3. im looking for an arcade console that i can also use for my xbox one x to play xbox arcade games. anyone have suggestions? thank you

  4. It's listed for almost $300 ($291 to be exact). Can you please provide me with the link for this product through Amazon?
    Thank you

  5. un sentiment d excitation comme machine a sou——-fric , meme dans les halles de vacance camping ,comme open children ado ,comme nos relous pipliothèque ,juste fric après sand-witch

  6. Just ordered mine love the fact that comes with my all time favorite Toki game in arcade style. I cant wait. Glad i found out about this cool console i am returning the new sega mini back to the store. I rather have this awesome machine. Thanks for the review.

  7. Yes I order this off of cafago website I live in ohio I got my order in 8 days it have the Simpson final fight Galaga and so much more the games run very smooth fun to play.

  8. OMG you just made an old(ish) man very happy, I felt like a teenager again for the first time in… well err too long. It’s like it was the late 80s/ early 90s all over again. They seem to have amazingly created a video time machine for just £120. Jeez Louise I’m literally itching to get one of these amazing game stations. Do you know why they call them consoles??? It’s because they can make you very very very happy indeed. Can anyone tell that I loved the local arcade when I was a kid, I’m to bloody exited to sleep now so thanks for that buddy !!!! Lol

  9. Hi chingz can you play against each other on the pad .like can you play like street fighter against a friend or is it just 1 player vs computer. Thanks

  10. Meatal slug has a weird refresh on it.even if you match the refresh to your tv you get jitters still.I had over clock double dragon it runs smooth no slow downs at all.its better than arcade. I matched my refresh to my tv no ghost or jitters.

  11. El botón de disparo tiene un fallo, si lo dejas pulsado solo dispara una y otra vez, pero en algunos juegos si lo dejas pulsado como en el r-type produce un super disparo y al no funcionar bien no lo hace.
    ¿Hay alguna forma de solucionarlo?
    Gracias, buen video


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