Poor Boys Leg!!


This is just wrong hahaha!

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  1. Is it weird that when I was little I used to watch theses kind of surgeries but on real alive people.
    Ye I was a weird kid.

  2. What's crazy is that my mom had the exact same condition and had to stay and be teached in hospital for a year!!

  3. Theres some dark crap bechind surgery i just realized how the fuq did they do this

    How they thot of this

    Im scared

  4. Daz: LETS OPERATE, its just a simple procedure.
    After mins of screaming and tingly feelings…
    Also Daz: This boy will never walk again.

  5. Kids watching this like "I wanna be a doctor when I grow up'" so they watch this video to learn how to be a doctor and there just sitting there like.
    👁 👁

  6. I wouldn’t know but…I don’t think this is how it would be done….uNlEsS😭😭🤯😫🥺😬😫😤😭

  7. Hello Daz! I made my channel based of of your channel, Thank you so much for inspiring me to make my channel, and be more like you! I would really hope to collaborate soon, but, my channel has just started, It would be amazing If all of the people that see this comment just subscribe! Thank you!

  8. I don’t think your supposed to cut a persons leg like that. Shit wtf is wrong with the game. Man you take a scalpel not a fucking scissor and stab the leg and ducking open the scissor while it’s inside. What type shit is this


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