Prepar3D v4 | Let's Go Crop Dusting! | Alabeo PA36 Pawnee Brave 375


Today we head out around Fortuna, CA for some early morning crop dusting!

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Adobe Premiere Pro CC15
Nvidia Shadow Play
i7 4790k Quadcore
Geforce 1080 Ti
16gb RAM 2400mhz
2TB Hard Drive
Windows 10 x64
Saitek Rudder pedals, throttle, and yoke
Add ons:
Orbx Global
Orbx Vector
Orbx openLC North America
Active Sky 16
Rex 4 Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds Enhanced
FSFX Packages Chase Plane (Provided by: FSElite)
Alabeo – PA36 Pawnee Brave 375


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  1. Hi to everyone, what sim is going to run with these spec:

    Placa de vídeo asrock rx570 8gb

    Memoria Kingston DDR3 8GB 1866MHz HyperX Fury Black

    Mother MSI A68HM-E33 V2 AMD FM2+ HDMI M-ATX

    Disco Rígido Seagate 1TB Barracuda 64MB SATA 6GB/s

    Procesador AMD A6 7470K 4.0GHz Turbo FM2+

  2. Tip from an x cropduster pilot… Instead of when you exit the field and turn left then sharp right , turn right then sharp left it allows for better lineup when re entering field

  3. Where did you get the scenery and airport pack? What video card are you using? Your plane looks more detailed and crisp than what I have in FSX.

  4. If you want to make it realistic, set up to spray in and around Stuttgart, AR. This is big rice country. This is horizon to horizon rice patties!! Suggestion: Crop dusters ferry just above tree-top level.
    Try spraying cotton in the Mississippi delta….Tunica County around the casinos is mostly cotton.

  5. This might be an old video and you might not respond but did you bind the sprayers to a button? Or is it a default keybind

  6. Check out Launceston Tasmania, Woodbourne, New Zealand, Kalispell, Montana, also some big fields in California

  7. Can you fly in Southern Minnesota?? pls check it out or do a shout out. Tons of farming in my area and plenty of Air Tractors!!

  8. Looks good buddy. I wouldn't mind having that plane and crop dusting ANTIFA with liquid shit..

  9. San Tan Valley in Arizona has some amazing scenery and locations for crop dusting. This is more southern Arizona around Tuscon and below. It's quite fun and there's lots of corn and cotton 🙂 Great video!

  10. I live in an agricultural area (eastern Colorado) and often can see the cropdusters, using a plane just like yours. It is actually quite interesting because it really is aerobatic work. After they make a run, they climg into a half-loop (Immelman) to make another run. It is actually more efficient than doing a tight turn. I haven't had the guts to try it in simulator yet. You have to be real good to do this.

    In Ft. Morgan, Colorado, the cropdusting is done by Scott Aviation. Their planes are parked at the Ft. Morgan airport, but there are a number of smaller dirt strips which I believe they also fly out of. The pesticides they use are quite toxic and require careful handling.

    Lorby has a crop-duster add-on, as well as a firefighting add on. A CL-415 was recently released. These planes fly over lakes, scooping up water as they go. Then can then drop the lake water on a fire. Milviz has a firefighting helicopter.

  11. Original video idea! The Milviz Beaver DHC-2 also has a crop-duster configuration in their expansion pack. Your crop duster looks cool too!

  12. Great video this is what my neighbor does to his fields. I wish my farm had a crop duster but we do it all by tractor.


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