PSX Longplay [433] Reboot


Played by: Mad-Matt

From Wiki:-

“ReBoot is a 1998 video game developed by Electronic Arts (EA) and published by EA and Mainframe Entertainment for the PlayStation video game console. It is based on the television show of the same name.

Plot – Megabyte has found a way to use the power of energy tears to reach the core of the principle office thanks to Hexadecimal’s mirrors and is determined to take over Mainframe. Bob, the game’s lead character, must mend tears and destroy deadly adversaries in the six sectors of Mainframe: Baudway, Cit E (also known as Wall Street), Beverly Hills, Kits, Floating Point Park and G-Prime along with the island of Lost Angles.”

This game is Bad, This game is very bad. The game plays like tony hawks hover boarding while plat forming and defending your self. The controls are terrible and with a camera that often has a mind of its own makes the game really difficult to play. It is made more difficult with also not being able to take many hits although the game is not short on ammo and health pickups. Oh and the gameplay is presented in 512×480 hardware aspect. You can set aspect to 16:9 in your player for TV aspect.

The only good thing are the FMV sequences which feel rewarding and are scripted/voiced and rendered just like the tv series. The opening demo reel seems to show an earlier build of the game with waypoints rotating around the player instead of the small map screen of the actual game.

The game gets quite difficult as the game progresses notable with the boss fight with Megabyte. The game really steps it up with the final level against Hexadecimal where there is a very small amount of ammo. This fight was near impossible as I had not found the level 3 Rockets pickup during the game so I was severely underpowered against the boss. using the crappy level 3 blaster made the boss fight take 10 minutes instead of 2. I have no idea which level the weapon can be found in. I noticed other longplays got around the issue by using chapter select which automatically gives you level 3 weapons when you start.

The game features a lot of FMV sequences. The longplay shows all FMVs that are shown when completing the game without failing anything. There was no easy way to capture them all while playing so I have included a bonus 7zip file which contains all the FMV sequences taken from the disc and converted to lossless AVI format and the games sound track in wav format. There are different FMV files for different outcomes in each level including 3 different endings. The files are all in their original 320×240 resolution to avoid any scaling issues or additional compression artefacts.

00:00:00 Intro and Demo Reel
00:05:12 Level 1: Baudway
00:09:34 Level 2: Baudway
00:15:57 Level 3: Baudway
00:24:00 Level 4: Cit E
00:32:00 Level 5: Cit E
00:29:10 Level 6: Cit E
00:43:05 Level 7: Beverly Hills
00:50:30 Level 8: Beverly Hills
01:03:10 Level 9: Beverly Hills
01:08:22 Level 10: Beverly Hills
01:11:58 Level 11: Kits
01:19:10 Level 12: Kits
01:23:55 Level 13: Floating Point Park
01:30:40 Level 14: Floating Point Park
01:35:20 Level 15: G_Prime
01:41:58 Level 16: G_Prime
01:46:37 Level 17: G_Prime
01:51:15 Level 18: G_Prime
01:56:40 Level 19: Lost Angles
02:05:00 Credits
[b][big]BONUS FILES[/big][/b]: [url= it here![/url]


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  1. A little boring, as it is incredibly repetitive. A good version of the game would have been a sandbox, à la GTA, with game cubes dropping in once in a while (and once you'd beat said game, you'd be able to play it at will).

  2. Why didn't I ever play this game!? I loved the series, I would have loved this!!!

    Too busy with Destruction Derby & Twisted Metal 2 I guess…xD

    Oh and Resident Evil, Some Tomb Raiders, Grand Theft Auto 1/2 + a spin-off, Driver and many more! xD

  3. Fun fact: this is how Reebot was originally going to be. However, due to the censorship of the time, they had to tone it down a lot.
    Also, I love the System's voice. I don't think I'll ever hear a better voice for an OS as good as the one Mainframe had. The only one who came close to be as good is GLaDOS' voice.

  4. A really good game from a really good series from a bygone age. The series that invented new technology and raised the bar astronomically for cg, along with Beast Wars. Only complaint about the game is the controls cause man were they touchy.

  5. ReBoot will always be my Toy Story. Always wish I had owned this game being a big fan of the show. It doesn't look that bad, I guess the controls and camera could be better.

    Had no idea EA made this.

  6. I wish they had finished the TV series back in the 90's but I think the actor voicing Megabyte had died before they could get round to it.

  7. Great timing with the announcement of the universally detested reboot of Reboot on it's way courtesy of Netflix.
    The trailer is absolutely appalling. Hey we all loved the mixture of live action in a high school and jacking in with lots of Iron Man film styles views of their faces right?


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