Raiders vs. Ravens | NFL Week 4 Game Highlights


The Oakland Raiders defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 28-27, in Week 4 of the 2016 NFL season!

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  1. ravens trust tucker on the last play and give him the chance to win the game, ravens win. good game nonetheless. I hope we see yall again this year. this was a crazy good game #RAVENSNATION

  2. it's ashame that the league has come to this. on that last play in the highlights. after the hit the defensive player has to look to make sure the refs don't call "defenseless receiver" or "hitting too hard". the nfl has taken hitting out of the game.

  3. Anyone who is a oakland fan knows that we like to beat people in a range of 1-4 points we beat the chargers by 3 like cmon

  4. Here comes all the bandwagon fans these highlight videos would only get about 100k now its steadily going up the more oakland shows they finally turn the corner after years of being the laughing stock of the nfl. So if u weren't there when tom cable and hugh jack where around u aint a real fan raiders win or loss not just win they making some noise.

  5. 14 or 15 years of watching my raiders suck ass walking out the bars and buzzing at that to see everyone clown on how bad we are,it feels damn good man can't lie,just know this if we continue to play good and win there will be masses of raider fans rise up from the dead it will seem cuz this team is special like family type of feel don't blame fans for giving up but no respect for em,cuz it took the donkeys 33 years to reach what we already had and that's 3 super bowl rings,even in our drought of bad years it took 14 years for a division rival to win a ring none the less 3 sb


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