RetroPie 32GB Image With Over 5500 Retro Games On Raspberry PI 3!


I’ll show you how to set up, on your Raspberry Pi 3, a 32gb micro SD card image of over 5500 retro games! These will cover systems such as Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Mame, Playstation, and many more! Easy to do and fun to play.

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  1. Awesome info, thank you. Are you able to change the overall theme to something else from the retropie database with all the games still accessible?

  2. I just installed this and it works perfectly, every emulator and game works out of the box, and most importantly the controllers work automatically. I had major issues with Noe Geo and NAME emulators not recognising my controller or paying certain games. Very nice interface, top quality graphics. Highly recommended, downloaded in less than two hours.

  3. Do all the emulators work out of the box and controllers too? My problem is my new controllers wont work with neogeo on retropie/retroarch

  4. I'm sincerely confused. I have a brand new Raspberry Pi, followed these directions, but there's not enough. I plugged my pi into a monitor but never got a signal. Are there additional steps?

  5. hey Kevin will this image run on a ubuntu setup with Retropie installed on a PC , or will it only work on raspberry pie's … ? asking for a friend =]

  6. Great video, thanx a tons man, it helps a lot for a guy like me with zero experience 🙈
    Was on the way to order a wish crap but this looks so easy to fix. I just cant find that img you have(its old video I know) but will try with v3 or something. This is lot of fun, thanx again mate. Cheers

  7. This looks like everything that I want!!  But my thing is….are the games pre-installed? Are you just talking images?  I suck with technology and I am pretty sure I would mess this up.  I`m a 44 year old gamer who has played/owned almost every console…but that is just it…consoles (I just traded in my flip-phone last month for a smartphone…and I hate it!!)  I just want the GAMES to whisk through my youth!!!  The images would be pudding.

  8. Do you have to have retropie installed on the rasberry pi first? Or is the image preconfigured with retropie and the games?

  9. ok this may have been asked before,, :you have to many comments to scroll through) but can I upload more of my own roms? to this image? your directions works great and SUPER THANK YOU for your help 🙂

  10. I am confused (and clearly new to all of this). This image you selected showed up as a single .img file in utorrent. The one I chose showed up as 26 "parts" that are all .rar files. What am I doing wrong?


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