Rex: Final Days of an Empire – How To Play


Rex is a game of alliance, betrayal, control, combat and financial balance. A superb experience for 5 players, and I’m sure for 6 player also, I’ve had it on my shelf since my birthday in October and have not been able to get it to the table (for more than a half game where we learned to play).

Finally, 3 months later, we’re able to play. Everyone needed a refresher on the rules, so this is a breakdown of how to play. There could possibly be a few elements I overlooked while explaining since, all but one of us, had played before.

To see some of the game in action, check out the subsequent video for a few turns of the game.


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  1. too much coughing and cacophonic sounds in the background while you explain the rules … most of the time… it is difficult to follow you…

  2. Thanks for the video!
    By the way, could you answer me a little question? I've considered to get this game, but my group doesn't speak english. Are there cards that are required to be read secretly? Would this game be problematic to play with a non english speaking group?

    Anyway, thanks in advance!


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