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The thousandth commenter who spies the cameo gets a pony.

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Roy: A Life Well Lived | Rick and Morty | Adult Swim


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  1. The fact that Rick is playing the game and still self-aware of his surroundings speaks on his intelligence. Also, 55 years only gets you 9 Blipz&Chitz tickets?

  2. So your actually expirience a full life cause that would suck or is it just portions cause if u live a while life like that would feel like forever

  3. Even in season 4 im still fucked about the rick we know not being in his original body, or original reality

  4. Any Rick and Morty & Rap heads, I just uploaded a song I dedicated to Inter-dimensional cable lol, if you a fan of that boom-bap style give us a listen and have a nice week.


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