Samsung Galaxy Note 8 full port for Note 5(Khongloi Rom)!!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 full port for Note 5(Khongloi Rom)!!

In this video, I am gonna show you the latest note 8 port rom by the famous developer khongloi113. He is known for his amazing work for S8 rom in the past..So Enjoy..

1-Capacitive Buttons do not light up.
2-Wifi hotspot doesn’t work.

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38 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 full port for Note 5(Khongloi Rom)!!

  1. Hey dude!! Thanks for making this vid
    Please answer to my question where did u get that n7 white boot logo I love it!!

  2. Works fine for me except for average battary life, i didn't install the CSC file, now I'm trying to install the good lock 2018, THANKS DUDE

  3. After the installation, I first have to set the screen display because the resolution is too large and then the applications remain too large in the picture so the few app are visible.
    In addition, Leer linguaggio back lacks different languages z.b. Italian-German not downloadable ..
    On this video: everything looks normal but on my note 5 I have experimented all day one success unfortunately!
    it is really sad that it is not displayed correctly on my Note5 it would have been a very nice Rom.

    Or does anyone have a solution?
    I would be very grateful.
    Maybe someone has a solution then please contact me many thanks.

  4. Hi NewTecCity will it work for SM N9200 duos i tried the s8+ rom and the only problem i had was imei was null baseband was unknown please let me know thanks

  5. Major drawback is touchkey light won't light up, tried galaxy button lights but it's not working… How to light up touchkey lights?

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