Seahawks vs. Packers Fail Mary Game | This Day in NFL History (9/24/12)


On this day in 2012, the Seahawks overcame the Packers at the hand of one “Hail Mary” catch.

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  1. Golden Tate gave a man-style two-handed shove into the back to Packer's #37 – sending him sprawling to the turf – before going up for the pass. How did the sideline official Bingo Alexejun miss that obvious offensive pass interference call?
    Love it. Go SF 49ers!

  2. Incredible touchdown catch!

    As a Hawks fan, all I could do was laugh when I saw the replay. 100% convinced it would be reversed. Absolutely stunned (and delighted) when it stood.

  3. People love to call this last-second TD connection between Russell Wilson and Golden Tate (vs. Green Bay, 2012) a “Fail Mary.” This was a legitimate TD!

    Defender Jennings did, at two separate points, have the ball against his chest, but his feet were not planted when he did so.

    What the announcers and most observers seem to miss is that Tate briefly managed to pull the ball against his chest (as shown in the video) — with BOTH feet planted in the end zone — while Jennings’ feet are still in the air (see the video freeze frame again). This frame was the reason the ref’s ruled the catch a TD.

    It is a split-second of simultaneous possession (which always goes to the receiver on a Hail Mary pass).

    The refs made the right call, even if Golden Tate got away with a shove that would normally have been deemed pass interference at any other juncture in the game.

    Jennings’ feet weren’t planted, but Tate’s were. Jennings had the ball at two points, but the first was when both feet were off the ground, and the second was after Tate had managed to briefly pull the Hall into his chest with both hands on the ball and both feet planted.

    Once Tate secured the ball against his chest for a split second with both feet planted (in the last second of the game), that was a TD!

  4. For all of you who think this is a pick, it actually isn't. There is actually a rule in the NFL rule book that says if two players posses the ball at the same time, it goes to the offense. That's what happened here, they both got possession of the ball, and the catch was given to Tate. So yeah, by this weird rule, it was a touchdown.

  5. bruh people who think that’s not a td are kinda dumb… it was an int but then tate stripped it out of the db’s hands before he was down lol

  6. had to come here after seeing all the seahawks fans complain about that first down call in the division round 😂 guess karma caught up to em.

  7. I here from 2020 GB SEA playoff game when people are gonna complain about Jimmy Graham and his “short” 1st down.

  8. I hate how they have a “ruling on the field stands.” Can’t it just either be confirmed or overturned

  9. I've never seen this before and didn't know the official outcome before seeing it, and it was extremely obvious that the Packers picked it off. And after seeing the Seahawks were given the touchdown….that is ridiculous.

  10. A lot of you don't seem to understand the simultaneous possession rule. By the letter of the law, and they confirmed it on REPLAY, that was offensive possession and the NFL even determined so afterwards (and with zero bias because they did bring back the regular officials the next week). On the other hand, Tate did blatantly push the defender down and that should have been flagged.

  11. It wasn't the worst call ever. The ref didn't have a good grasp of the "simultaneous catch" rule requirements. We've seen way worse. But people acted as if this was the worst call ever.

  12. Ik people want to bring up the lions game and sure the lions deserved to win that game, but these two games arent the same this game messed up the packers record instead of being 12-4 and the second seed in the nfc they finished 11-5 and lost the 2 seed which is major in the playoffs mind you who knows if the 49ers couldve beat the vikings even then at least you have the packers vs 49ers again this time in greenbay instead of candle stick which is a huge difference

  13. Let me explain.

    In order for it to be an official catch, the player receiving the ball must have both his feet on the ground while having control of the ball.

    I do admit, it looks as if the Packers player caught it first, but he was in midair, both players had their hands on the ball, but the Seahawks player had both feet on the ground first. So it would be a touchdown instead of an interception.

    This also shows that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. In order for the call to be official, the refs must review the play first instead of immediately saying “touchdown” or “interception”. We don’t know if it was a touchdown or interception yet. The play must be reviewed instead of just giving the official call immediately.

    And this is just my opinion, and it’s my opinion only. They made the right call.

  14. It was the right call. Packers fans just salty because they know they arent winning a super bowl, so regular season games is all they have.


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