Snare Traps – Catching Rabbits & Small Game


This video is a bit long, but I show you how to make a small game snare trap for pennies, where to place it, how to place it, and snaring Rabbits within a few hours.

Next morning update; all 3 snares worked, however the plastics tie wrap the Rabbit chewed through. So do not use a tie wrap as this will cause you to loose the Rabbit and possibly do harm. As for the other two styles of snares they work great as you see in this video.

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  1. So I've got a few of these snares out and the rabbits get getting away I have the washer and the 8 snare ..I can see they are getting caught then they get away am I doing something wrong

  2. Thank you Brother!! I learned so much!!! People are going to need this skill i believe because sooner if something should happen( no more going to the store) and bullets will run out, this skill is longevity!! In the bigger picture of Survival, again Thank you! Knowledge is Power (and who ever gave a thumbs down are idiots.) Peace be with you!!

  3. Little tip if you want to perfectly straighten wire quick and easy clamp one end in the chuck of a drill hold the other end taut with a pair of pliers and give it a short spin for 5 or 6 seconds it'll straighten the wire perfectly with no kinks at all.

  4. i notice u make the snares without any gloves on. does the scent of your hands effect the success of the snare? totally new 2 this.


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