Spiritual Warfare (NES) Full Playthrough/Walkthrough Part 1: Belt of Truth


Welcome! In this video walkthrough, we play through the unlicensed Zelda clone Spiritual Warfare! This Christian based game tasks you with exploring the map for the various Armor of God as well as numerous items to help you get through the game! Don’t let the religious references stop you though: this game is one of the better unlicensed games and is quite fun to play!

This video walkthrough series will help you find all the items, heart containers and armor of God as well as take down the ultimate evil himself! While this recording is done with the NES version, the game is the same across all the platforms (PC, GB, Genesis) so you can use it to help you find additional fruit or explore each of the 11 districts.

In this video, we start our quest, get two different fruit as well as take down the first boss of the game, allowing us to score the Belt of Truth! This item allows us to push blocks and continue our quest!

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