Steins;Gate 0 The Last Game ED 1080P 60 FPS Subtitled


Steins;Gate 0 2018 Anime Official Ending “The Last Game” by Zwei

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  1. 0:39 Era necesario que fallarás una vez, ese dolor se convertirá en la obsesión que te llevará lograr todo lo que he hecho.

  2. Let me guide you down into my soul

    Another outro that hits you really hard even way after you're finished watching.

  3. 0:08, Hourglass with Okabe reflects how time is running out for him to reach Steins Gate
    0:22 Mayushii walking through the fragments of Okabe's broken identity. Cracked cell phone represents him giving up his mission to save Kurisu, as well as casting aside his Kyouma personality.
    0:39 Okabe quite literally breaking down, the facade of the fearless and heroic scientist cracking apart.
    0:49 Mayuri standing in more imagery of Okabe giving up hope complete with discarded coats.
    0:53 Kurisu coming out of his back represents the heavy weight he carries, the regret to save her, and how her ghost haunts his every waking moment.
    1:08 The gap thats been created by what happened, past events are a black hole (black holes still manage to pull things in though which is why they're inside together)
    1:20 Mayuri reaching through time.

  4. ESTE DEBIÓ HABER SIDO EL OPENING DEL ANIME, esta canción tiene más nostalgia y debió haber sido perfecto para los primeros capítulos de Steins gate 0 pues el prota andaba bien raro y esta canción lo acompañaba bien chido.

  5. Having watched Re Zero, every time that Mayuri said her Hikobochi I couldn't help but get "Rem's hero" flashbacks.
    And the worst part? They were very similar.
    And just like in Re Zero, not enough credit is given to the support heroine. Kurisu gets all the love, but, are we really going to ignore all that Mayuri did?
    Hell, where would the end be without her actions?
    Kind of what Rem is to Re Zero. Where would the world (and Emilia) be without her actions?

    That's why I enjoyed 0 more than the original Steins gate. The whole setting with a world war and the broken Okabe were very real.

  6. My parents walked in on the ONE MOMENT THEY SHOWED NAKED KURISU, they didn't even try to walk in during the entire episode, just that ONE GODDAMN MOMENT

  7. O Último jogo
    Venha até mim
    Abrace minhas lágrimas
    Deixe-me guiá-lo para dentro da minha alma
    E vamos orar para que o mundo perceba
    Que há paz, a verdade dentro de nós

    O vazio desgasta seu coração
    Porque você está livre de dor e tristeza
    O futuro é muito brilhante para mostrar maneiras
    Acorde agora, é hora de levar novas almas

    Órbita de fótons e universo
    Eu sou apenas uma parte do seu plano

    O olho não pode ver o céu distorcido
    Aonde as pessoas acham que estão indo?
    O último jogo

  8. Opening start with kurisu (amadeus) open her eyes while ending start with mayuri open her eyes. Nice 👍👍


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