The BEST Nintendo DS Game Money Can Buy!?


520 in 1 Game:
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  1. well, my r4 was actually a fake r4, it works and it costs me like 14 pounds, it helped a lot ultil i get 3ds games for my 2ds

  2. Okay, so that thing is basically a R4 NDS/3DS? I remember using them back when I still had my NDS and 3DS, really good times..
    I don't know how much amount of money I've saved by using them.
    And I can tell all the games listed in it are all just nds/3ds game roms downloaded from various websites

  3. I had the 36 in 1 and I hated it because after a while your save data would corrupt on games. I lost so many pokemon on diamond because of this.

  4. bro I got one of these things at a swap meet. not this specific one but it had like 700 or something. some of the games made everything crash (curse you, diddy kong racing), but overall, it was the best thing ever back then.

  5. Restoring and repairing old consoles and devices has always been a passion of mine gotta say love your content bro keep up the good work

  6. I had something like this it was the r4 but when i updated my dsi it stoped working i dont know what i can do to fix it

  7. I always have a hard time saving here reads that the game says u can save here and then is surprised when there was no save wtf

  8. These cards are very cumbersome to use, I found that if you move all the spare games to a new folder and just leave the one you are currently playing in the game folder it is much more user friendly.

  9. I am 12 and I got 2 r4i cards and I download the custom firmware/games/gba_emulator all on my own oof

    And this guy just repairs so much stuff but doesn’t know the concept of a r4 card


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