The Best Video Games EVER! – Jet Slalom Review (Online Java Game)


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One of the first ever online games I ever fell in love with. I devoted so many hours trying to best my score and that of the online leader boards. This simple game ate up more of my time than many RPGs did back when I was a kid. Replaying it now was just…magical. It’s like finding a crisp 100 dollar bill under your couch pillows that smells like your favorite food and Kate Beckinsale. Google it, you won’t be disappointed.

Free online java games are my generation’s Atari 2600.

The Game:

Oh and here is Cyber Wars (now renamed Cyber Battles) , it’s multiplayer but I don’t see anyone playing, maybe you guys can fill up their server if you like it:

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  1. My friends and I would get so jacked playing this at the end of the school day when I was a youngster. Usually two of us playing side by side with and audience behind and we would take turns. When it got intense we would start get rowdy and our teacher would have to calm us down lol

  2. w w w arcademachine com / go / java / preview / A0056 :dot: tam

    Cyber WARS!
    Can you get it to work?

  3. Stan you can now Download this game for iOS and soon Google 🙂 enjoy

  4. I am 15 currently, and I have always been a fan of this game. I remember in like, 04' or 05' my brother played it in like middleschool. when I was about 8-9 he let me play it, and I was hooked.

  5. of course you thought they were trees because one of the "hardware" that you require to play games back in the day was IMAGINATION. nowadays developers have to "imagine for you" because the graphics now can hold all the details. same goes with so many things of this era its so lame! as a 90s kid i always thought my later generation was gonna be even wilder than i was but NO kids theses days are lame, all talk but i never see them do shit, and when their at the beach they play mobile games WTF!?

  6. I can make it past the black to where the mountains get big and you maneuver in the wavy motion. I've never made it all the way through that section, though.

  7. Umm No, Skyrim is like real life graphics, if that wouldent make us gods then nothing would. And he never specified a exact time period so your saying if we showed them skyrim before games existed or when they had the atari 2600, im pretty sure if someone did that they would be gods to people.

  8. There is a new HD version of this game … It was featured on a Nerdcubed 3 free game friday… I think its called chase the sun

  9. This game is like the skyrim or call of duty of that time.. but than for free.
    I'm asking myself how it would be if we could ever go back in time and we showed them one of these two games 😀 we would be gods to them

  10. I think they should have made the main sprite narrower. It looks like your speeder's clipping the edge of the "trees".

    3D Deathchase is better anyway. :o)

  11. Ever hear of BZFlag? It was the first online game I ever played. There's not much gameplay to it, as it's a multiplayer only game.


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