The fighting game no-one played | Battle Beast Review


This is a review/retrospective about an old fighting game I used to play called Battle Beast. It’s like finding a toothbrush you used as a kid and trying to scrub those pearly whites with it nowadays. Just a terrible idea. Zarathustra made a pretty big call one time, and frankly I’m inclined to believe him.

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Battle Beast (PC)
Soul Caliber 3 (PS2)
Skullgirls (PC)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube ;))

Music Used:
Assorted tracks – Monplaisir (
Main Menu, Dark World, Mural World – ききやま (Yume Nikki OST)
Orange Octopus, Goddess of War – Unicorn Heads
Knight’s Charge – Jeremy Soule (Morrowind OST)
Happy Towns – Motoi Sakuraba (Golden Sun OST)
Midnight Prophet – Sarah, The Illstrumentalist
Dramatic Swarm, Lost In Prayer – Doug Maxwell
Pluck It Up, Flames – Dan Henig
The New Darker You – The Tower of Light
Azure, Fuscia – S3xtile (replace the 3 with an e, sorry homie but I don’t want to get meme’d out of monetisation)
Through The Crystal – Jeremy Blake

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  1. A point about setting it up as essentially a two-player game in single player–there's a subtle but very real loss there in my opinion. In a normal fighting game like Street Fighter II or Mortal Kombat, if you lose one match, you lose the game. That creates a lot of tension and intensity in each match because you can't afford any losses. Here, though, you can actually lose multiple times and still make it to the final fight as long as you have a point advantage. There's simply not a sense of urgency there if you have a big point advantage (and you usually will if you take advantage of the special stages and can fight competently).

  2. Nice video, and hilarious. But I feel like you've been unfair with the game in some aspects. Maybe it's my nostalgia playing me along but in fact the year it was released I think the videogame industry had different establishment specially for fighting games. I know some mechanicals are pretty rudimentary but the SFX sound and the graphics style were pretty unique. Despite I think the game was mainly made for kids it aimed to be a very different thing for the time (and killing baby toads wasn't that bad, they were fucking aliens dude)

  3. Dude i found your channel while i was searching about quake champions and my god you need more subs and views bro you put a lot of effort in your videos even more than some mainstream content creators like jontron and idubbbz

  4. Creepiness aside, I've said it before on several other Battle Beast videos but I suppose I'll say it here

    I personally love this game, I love the designs of the beasts and their battle crys (the first things that pop into my head when I hear about it). Also, bonus points for Tor also being your favorite. Hell I found a copy of the magazine ad for it on eBay and got it basically immediately. But as much as I love it, it isn't as good as I last though it was 10 years ago when I was addicted to it. The animation was fine but odd, controls were just stupid (good thing you could fix that), it was slow and not to mention a roster of only 6 is honestly pathetic. It just felt unfinished. But I will give 7th Level credit for having GARGANTUAN sized balls for saying that Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Primal Rage were redundant compared to this game, when that wasn't even close to being the case.

    I feel like if some company were able to aquire the rights or whatever they need to this (fucking somehow) and remade it, adding more characters (12 at least) more stages, bettered the combat, fixed the slowness, give the characters a unique move-set, added some combos, and basically do it over while keeping the same designs and all that, I'd be 100% down for it. But that will never happen so we're gonna have to deal with this mediocre attempt at a fighting game

  5. if i was drinking water i probably would have mercilessly drowned myself at least three times throughout the video lmao

    great work as always, i live for this style of video. love hearing about these forgotten gems (and turds) especially with the shitposting touch

    whats ur fursona 😏

  6. What is this channel, and why am I subscribed to it? I mean, I like it, but it's kinda weird seeing this amount of effort and quality with nowhere near the appropriate amount of views, even in this age of every YouTuber being a shadow of their former selves.

  7. Man, I absolutely love your videos, they’re constantly original and hilarious, and you clearly put a lot of work into them. Keep up the awesome work!

    (Also I was genuinely unnerved like 3 times in this video so… well played I guess?)

  8. Growing up I had a few friends with PCs that always made fun of me for playing Sega and the like, saying that PC games were so much better in every regard. Yet every time I looked at a PC in a store, it would always have some kind of weird nonsensical turbo-jank going on the screen that looked exactly like this. I'm actually wondering if I saw this game as a kid and just immediately forgot about it.

    (good spooks btw)

  9. Quick comment with the description, you misspelled 'Zathura: a Space Adventure (2005) dir. John Faverau'


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