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Is Monopoly Broken, or Brilliant?

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We all know the Monopoly rules right? You roll dice, move your piece, buy property, and… five hours later we’re tired and bored and HATE MONOPOLY in general. Why? Because MONOPOLY IS TERRIBLE, right? Well, actually maybe not. The Monopoly game we think we’re playing is actually something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the one we actually play. Whether this is Monopoly online, the Monopoly board game, or even CAT MONOPOLY, we approach the game almost completely wrong. But why? WHY?! Watch this week’s episode of PBS Game/Show and find out!


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  1. In hood Monopoly, the banker be paying himself interest for being the banker. People get money when they get out of jail. The game last 10 hours long.

  2. Monopoly is so dependant on chance, that once you realise how much it is so, you won’t play it again if you have any sense. When compared to other family staples such as Catan it is overshadowed in comparison.

  3. Monopoly teaches you about life. One day you are up…another you are down.

    Win or lose fun game. Only losers hate it…and socialists

  4. Monopolies do suck
    And yet Murica keeps electing Republicans to help their big corporate backers more and more powerful

  5. how to win
    step 1: get each railway station to screw the chance card which sucks major
    step 2:cover one full line of streets this makes you mad cash by bullying those who exist
    step 3: get dark blue streets this equals big cash
    step 4: win

  6. “Monopoly is my favorite game” Have you played any game published in the last 5 years? 10? 25? It is an influential and iconic game with a neat history, but modern board games offer so much more in terms of interesting strategy decisions. If you like it, great, just know that the overwhelming consensus among people who play board games is that there are much better games out there.

  7. A big issue with this is that The Landlords Game was made to support the Single Tax Theories of Henry George, who was, while Anti-Capitalist to an extent, **Explicitly NOT a Socialist/Communist**. I also noticed that Henry George himself, the inspiration behind The Landlords Game and by proxy Monopoly, wasn't mentioned once in this 10 minute video. I feel like a channel owned by PBS would be better informed of these sorts of things.


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