The Joy of Song! Vol. 2 – Game Grumps Compilations

Part 2? These guys sure sing a lot, huh?

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
Danny ►

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37 thoughts on “The Joy of Song! Vol. 2 – Game Grumps Compilations

  1. I have never flinched at a song until I listened to the Smash Mouth version of under pressure at Arin's behest.

  2. this is made 10x better bc i was watching a marimba cover of the spirited away soundtrack and the transition between the two videos was beautifully jarring

  3. in under pressure i'm pretty sure they say 'no man is wrong' but hey i probably got it all wrong lol

  4. it took me so long to figure out that arin was singing centuries and then immortals like i really could not tell what songs he was singing lmao

  5. Love hearing them sing My Worst Enemy after listening to NateWantsToBattle’s new cover album with that song with Danny

  6. Me at 5:34AM during quarantine and I have to work from home and attend online classes tomorrow:


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