The Joy of Song Vol 3 – Game Grumps Compilations


Surprisingly, this is NOT just an hour of Arin and Dan singing Kiss From a Rose over and over again.

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Game Grumps are:
Arin ►
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  1. Happy it’s not just us that know about that weird af sermon in Africa about gay sex while somehow being wrong about everything he’s talking about??? (He also shows gay (probably scat) p0rn)

  2. i remember in either super mario world or mario bros 2 they talked about mack the night or something and a guy who sounded like a woman singing ''mack the night'' any remember what it was?

  3. Does anyone else sleep to game grumps compilations? I can’t even sleep anymore without the sound of their voices lmao

  4. Someone who unironically liked the Darkness? I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE i loved it so much honestly but everyone just hated so much on me for it

  5. Does anyone know what song Arin does at 1:48 I heard it before but I'm not sure what it is

  6. Can someone tell me what happened to the originals? Before these Grumps
    videos were posted, a fan had compiled long compilations – over an hour
    for each, minimum – and there were three of them. Videos that were this
    essentially, but better cut and had comments with timestamps for all the
    songs and artists.


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