The longest Jenga Game ever played! (Die Finalchallenge)


So schnell kann aus einer “24 Stunden live Geburtstagsshow” eine “25 Stunden live Geburtstagsshow” werden. Julian und Ugur beissen sich im Finale satte 75 Minuten die Zähne an dem eigentlich so simplen Game aus, bis die Spannung ins unerträgliche steigt.

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  1. You dont have to be a jenga pro to see that his last move is dumb. A 9 year old can understand see the physics that it will fall.

  2. i was looking for a humble home video of people playing a long game of jenga but instead find an hour long video of dudes taking 10 minutes to pull out a piece ok

  3. This vid is soooo sad!!! I played a game of jenga that was 1hr long and we were taking turns so our moves weren't planned out that well and our tower was waaaaay bigger than this sad baby one… and we were only allowed to use one hand

  4. At the Ned, he should've taken out the piece on the same layer but on the opposite side. Was a waste to spend that much time on a hopeless piece.


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