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A beginning to end playthrough of Acclaim’s 1991 NES game, The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants from

This was one of the first licensed Simpson’s games, and until Virtual Springfield came out years later for Windows 95, the best one. The controls could be horribly annoying until you get used to them, but the game offers such a wide range of things to do that it’s difficult to get bored. The graphics are true to the show, the main theme is intact and well-rendered by NES standards, and the voice clips really give the game an added punch.

Great game, well worth the time, and nowhere near as hard as people like to make it out to be. Well, to be fair, I got this for my birthday a couple months after it came out and played it to death, and still regularly go back to it. That probably helps the difficulty level 🙂

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Demon souls eat my shorts. This is a very difficut game. When i was a child i never passed the first stage…. Very frustating

  2. I had this for the Megadrive. Was AVGN lying? In the megadrive version the whistle had nothing to do with the dog. It shows up when you use the cherry bomb to care the bird. The whistle doesn't summon it, the whistle is for as shown getting Grandpa to throw some coin out the window. The only way you could mistake it for summoning the dog is if right after using the cherry bomb you blow the whistle.
    Also he made a bit of a deal about the ball at 4:18, the player got it, but I remember in the Megadrive version if you miss it you can just bounce up and get the paint tin. Was NES version the same.
    One problem he could have mentioned was the NPCs in purple clothes. Once they are gone they don't come back.

  3. Caramba eu nunca consegui zerar esse jogo, na verdade eu nem sabia o que tinha que fazer, me deixou totalmente traumatizado na minha infância. Kkkkkk

  4. I played this game and Finished it.

    The level 1 of the game is so hard to finish, specialy when using black and white tv back then.

  5. The fact that you can stand on the doors goes against every rule of platformers. Truly a disaster of a game.


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